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Observation reports August 2015:

Some of the UFO sighting reports and ufology news in August 2015 are listed on this page. Please note that the sighting reports are seldom investigated, they are often second hand reports.

08.29.2015Elderly man says UFO tried to run him down and abduct him, Mexico.
08.27.2015The "Sud-Ouest" newspaper talks of a "strange orange-colored luminous ball" seen on August 27, 2015, in Pau, France.
08.25.2015Publication of a study of the April 25, 2013, Puertorico UFO.
08.25.2015A new ufology association in Picardie, France.
08.21.2015Newspaper talks of UFOs in Cholette, France.
08.18.2015Silent, low flying triangle UFO moves over Austin, Texas, USA.
08.15.2015Alleged UFO video in Southwick, U-K., August 15, 2015.
08.14.2015Witness describes low flying triangular UFO, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
08.13.2015Again talks of UFO video taken by the ISS.
08.12.2015Lounge lamps reflections published as video of UFOs above Bordeaux, France.
08.10.2015British astronomers claim traces of self-destruct ET civilizations could be spotted by Earthly telescopes.
08.09.2015Videos of a "flying humanoid caught near Los Angeles, California, USA.
08.03.2015Alleged UFO video in Yukon, Canada, published in August 2015.
03.08.2015General Gerald Johnson told of his 1952 UFO sighting.
08.03.2015Alleged UFO video from New York, USA, published in August 2015.

Elderly man says UFO tried to run him down and abduct him, Mexico:

"The UFO sighting took place along a stretch of highway known as the Salmoral – Paso de Ovejas. They identified the man as Francisco Acosta Tostado, 68, who had been riding a bicycle and was found face down along the side of the road."

"He told authorities he had been run over by a UFO and that the object attempted to abduct him.A motorist driving along the same highway spotted Francisco and immediately called for help."

"First aid treatment was provided at the scene, including help with a “deep injury to the back of his head.” The man was then transported to the regional hospital at Cardel. State Police at Cardel are investigating."

"Policarpio Carvajal, an engineer, first called the Red Cross Emergency Services at Cardel, but short on emergency vehicles, they passed the call along to the Municipal Firefighters and Civil Defense of neighboring La Antigua."

"Francisco is recovering now, but he said he doesn’t know how he can go back outside alone. He fears the UFO will come back for him."


The "Sud-Ouest" newspaper talks of a "strange orange-colored luminous ball" seen on August 27, 2015, in Pau, France:

The Sud-Ouest newspaper, on their website, says that that "Thursday", August 27, 2015, from 10:03 p.m. to 10:05 p.m., a resident of Pau watching the sky with his the family saw "a phenomenon that puzzled him", "a very luminous ball, super bright, orange/red, that went from the south-east to the southwest, with a "slightly upward trajectory."

"Surprised by this unusual case, the witness sent to 'Sud-Ouest' pictures to try to understand and see if other people had also noticed this 'ball of fire that went with surprising speed, much faster than planes or helicopters.'"

"It seemed to swell at first. The children were very worried," he said.

The phenomenon lasted two minutes, "to disappear".

The newspaper reports anyway, citing also a meteor, the possibility of a Chinese lantern. Two photos are published, showing, as the report does, that it was indeed probably a Chine lantern, and certainly not a UFO or meteor.


In Alsace, for the 22 UFO sighting reports of 2014 I documented, half of them relates to Chinese lanterns.

Publication of a study of the April 25, 2013, Puertorico UFO:

On April 25, 2013, at about 9:20 pm local time, an unknown object at low altitude flew directly across the Rafael Hernandez airport runway at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, causing a delayed departure of a commercial aircraft. There was no squawking transponder signal to alert the aircraft tower, nor was there any communication with the tower to prevent a dangerous situation with departing and arriving aircraft. Fortunately an airborne U.S. Customs and Border Protection aircraft captured the object on infrared video.

The "Coalition for Scientific Ufology" (SCU) a "think tank of scientists and researchers" published a thorough analysis of the observation report. The association managed to get a radar record that confirms the presence of an object flying over the airport a few minutes before the hour shown on the video. The report gives numerous information, including the ability of the object to move under the sea at the same speed as in the air.

Read the study here (PDF file).

A new ufology association in Picardie, France:

The website of the newspaper "Le Courrier Picard" reports that a new organization is interested in paranormal phenomena, including UFOs, ensuring that "Their truth is out there."

Members of this "GEEPI" (Study and investigating group on unexplained phenomena), created recently in the Oise department want to scientifically prove that aliens and ghosts are among us.

They would have said that the drones recently reported over (French) nuclear power plants are not drones, but "drufos", "mixture of drones and UFOs," a new species of unidentified flying objects never observed. "Damn," the newspaper comments.


Newspaper talks of UFOs in Cholette, France:

The article below was published by the daily newspaper La Nouvelle République, France, August 25, 2015.

Deux-Sèvres - Unusual

UFOs reported un Cholette

Dominique Favreau, 35, claims to have seen unidentified flying objects (UFOs) on Friday, 21 August, at 3? p.m. from his home at 13 rue des Orioles in Niort. "We first saw a glider in the sky and an all-white spot on its right. And then another bright spot came next. The first stopped short and made a reverse turn. I initially thought it was a satellite, but then I told to myself that this could not be the case." Dominique then recounts a series of strange phenomena including very bright spots around the sun. His father Jacques-Marie claims to have been the witness of same observations between 1993 and 2000 from the Clou Bouchet-in Niort. "When we talk about these things you take us for fools," says the now retired locksmith. "But we are afraid. We wonder what they want with us and what they do. What is certain is that one is hiding things from us."


Silent, low flying triangle UFO moves over Austin, Texas, USA:

A Texas witness at Austin reported a silent, triangle-shaped UFO flew overhead less than 1,300 feet about 6:44 a.m. on August 19, 2015, according to testimony in Case 69559 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was sitting outside his apartment watching a squirrel on the apartment rooftop across the street when the object first came into view.

“The squirrel was running across the peak of the roof about midway of the building,” the witness stated. “I was facing almost directly south when I noticed a triangular-shaped object just above and to the left of the squirrel, coming at me at a high rate of speed.”


Alleged UFO video in Southwick, U-K., August 15, 2015:

On August 15, 2015, a UFO was allegedly filmed in Southwick, West Sussex, U-K. It was seen in the sky "flying at high speed", near the Shoreham nuclear plant.

One Elaine Costello was filming the flight of a military Vulcan jet over her, when she captured the images of a "mysterious black circular craft flying at full speed."

It is at the very end of his video, and "watching the images very carefully" - in fact, looking at it frame by frame as it lasts a split second - that one can see a small fuzzy black thing go from the left to the center of the image after the passage of the plane, going "behind the clouds" before disappearing.

Elaine Costello says others have seen it, and it is said that the "viral video excited the media" and the Internet.

As for me, I have the distinct impression that, in fact, nobody saw anything, it appeared only on video, and it could have been a bird or insect for example.

See the video for example at:

Witness describes low flying triangular UFO, Kansas City, Missouri, USA:

A Missouri witness at Kansas City reported a low flying, triangle-shaped object that appeared to be a commercial plane about to crash, according to testimony in Case 69358 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness first spotted a "very bright light" moving over nearby Liberty while driving south along Route 169 near the Vineyard Church on August 14, 2015. "It looked like it was moving really fast in a northeastern direction - but it was going way too fast and it was far too low," the witness stated. "There is an airport in that direction so I blew it off, but then it stopped dead just a little south of Staley golf course."


Again talks of UFO video taken by the ISS:

Since last year, it is possible to view real-time images of the Earth from space on the Internet, thanks to NASA cameras on the International Space Station.

On August 13, 2015, one of the cameras of the International Space Station during the live broadcast, showed a single imageof a "thing" in space that had the appearance of a cylinder.

A US sensation website, "secureteam" publishing on the "paranormal," said that this is an alien spacecraft flying at warp speed.

They wrote: "We wanted to know if it was a reflection, a flash or a single speck of dust, but zooming the picture, we quickly eliminated these assumptions. We were surprised to see an object resembling a massive vehicle, cylindrical in shape."

Weirdness or coincidence, the broadcat had suffered technical problems thereafter.

Image processed and enlarged by "secureteam":

Obviously, contrary to what "secureteam" claims, it is not really justified to say it is "massive" or flies "at warp speed", and the cylindrical shape can be a sinmle video artifact.

See the video at:

Lounge lamps reflections published as video of UFOs above Bordeaux, France:

The Direct Matin website reports that a "mysterious aerial phenomenon" would have taken place on August 12, 2015, over Bordeaux, France: four strange luminous spheres have been observed and filmed. The news is republished by "UFO" blogs.

They reportedly flew in a coordinated manner and were filmed using a mobile phone from a residential area.

The information was taken on some American UFO enthusiast websites without any echo in the local press. The video posted on the Internet on August 14, 2015, was viewed no more than a few dozen times. The Direct Matin website adds that it is "therefore necessary to consider it carefully especially as no detail was provided by the videographer."

The website Ufosightingsdaily believes it is a an alien spaceship inspecting an important area for the aliens; a house where a human was once abducted by them or where an alien "reborn" - ie having taken the features of a human being - lived. "An hypothesis that it is not easy to accept without hesitation," said Direct Matin.

Especially as the four UFOs look a lot like the living room lamps reflect in the closed window...

British astronomers claim traces of self-destruct ET civilizations could be spotted by Earthly telescopes:

Researchers explain in an article published in the digital library at Cornell University that traces of extraterrestrial civilizations that were destroyed by a thermonuclear war, pollution of the atmosphere or "an uprising of nanorobots" could be seen in the atmosphere of their planets using our most powerful ground or space telescopes.

Duncan Forgan of the University of St Andrews in Scotland and colleagues of his offer an alternative explanation for the Fermi paradox (apparently they did not understand it [*]): they think that aliens could have annihilated themselves before being able to make contact with us, and that we must therefore not seek radio signals from their "dead" civilizations, but remains of their existence on the surface of planets where they existed.

The researchers tried to assess the likelihood of being able to find and observe such traces by computing the consequences of various cataclysms inspired by "the example of the Earth" and assessing their "visibility" from Earth.

They offer nuclear war, "escape" from their planet, military use of a virus or microbe, economic disaster, and uprising of nanorobots having devoured their creators and their planet as a whole.

Their simulations show that some traces of cataclysms like "nuclear dust" in the atmosphere, the ionization of the gas in the atmosphere, its blue-green light, the high concentration of CO2 in the air after desctruction of life by a military virus, traces of freon gas and other pollutants - would be well visible to telescopes like Kepler, James Webb, and TESS.

Other phenomena, such as the flash of a nuclear apocalypse, sulfur traces left by the decomposition of biomass after a viral or bacteriological attack or pollution of the deep layers of the star by radioactive waste would be too faint or ephemeral to be observed from Earth.

They hope that such traces of lost civilizations can be ultimately discovered within the SETI Project (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence).

See for example:

[*] The "Fermi Paradox" is based on the law of huge numbers: with hundreds of billions of galaxies each having hundreds of billions of stars like our own has, it is postulated that it is highly unlikely that all alien civilization was annihilated. Even if only a very small percentage survives, it is still so many civilizations, that the question arises, with its paradox, "But then where are they all?"

That said, the search for destruction traces as proposed is in no way a crazy idea to me.

Videos of a "flying humanoid caught near Los Angeles, California, USA:

Three videos of what has been called a "flying humanoid" were taken from three spots in California near Los Angeles on the morning of August 9, 2015, by "UFO enthusiasts."

The "humanoid" is said to have flown over the Sequoia Park, east of Los Angeles. The white silhouette "seems to be coated in a space suit" but does not show intrinsic movements. The shape of the "humanoid" seems to swell for a few seconds, and the silhouette held an object in his "hand" which, allegedly, "suddenly disappears" at 3 minutes 44 seconds.

I think one should remain cautious: firstly, the fact that there were three different cameras involved no way excludes fraud, then, the movements and swelling can be video artifacts (loss of autofocus mainly), and finally, there has already been such cases for which it was established that it was simply a party balloon of humanoid shape.

And then again, the people had gathered for an event consisting in "summoning UFOs", very fit to launch an "inflatable humanoid" as a prank...

See a video:

Alleged UFO video in Yukon, Canada, published in August 2015:

MSN asks if a video shows a UFO or something else.

Said to have been taken in the Yukon, Canada, and to show an "unidentified flying object", the video is edited and shows in slow motion only a very vague gray shape that could be a bird; whose wings I seem to see flapping.


Alleged UFO video in New York, USA, published in August 2015:

Several websites specialized in rumors or "buzz" and some UFO websites mention a video posted on YouTube that they say "now terrifies the web." It is said that some think a UFO was indeed seen in the sky of New York, while others think it is a fake video.

The video shows a little fuzzy black thing passing through the camera's field as an airliner taking off is filmed. What is shown is similar to an insect or a bird. But the video is very compressed and edited so that not much can be said. There is a strong chance that nothing was really "seen" on site.

Many websites talk about UFO "seen" or "observed" when it isn't so. Often, it was only by looking at pictures or video that people believe they filmed a "UFO" by chance.


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