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News and observation reports, January 2008:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in January 2008 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

01.19.2008CISU case history file project December 2007 update.
01.14.2008Unidentified object seen by many above Rio Cuarto, Argentina.
01.08.2008Stephensville, Texas, abuzz with UFO sightings, USA.
01.08.2008Does Japanese governemnt say aliens don't exist or do they prepare for an alien invasion?
01.07.2008Russia wants to joins European mission to search for life on Jupiter's moon Europa.
01.06.2008Declassification of the DI55 UFO documents announced in the United Kingdom.
01.01.2008First reflection called UFO of the year.
01.01.2008Spirit Mars rover find evidence of formerly habitable niche on Mars surface.
01.01.2008First bird of the year.


Newspaper El Dia, Argentina, reports on January 15, 2008, that on January 14, 2008, numerous residents of Rio cuarto in that country saw a mysterious flying object above the city at about 10:30 p.m., making elliptical movements at high speed.

An air traffic controler of the Argentinean Air Force tried to establish radio contact with the object but received no answer.

Carlos Oyola, press spokesman for the Argentinean Air Force, told on Radio Rio Cuarto that there were no military or civilan flights planned at that time and place.

He confirmed that there was a visual sighting by the control towers operators, of an object that did not match any commercial or military aircraft, nor satellites, and refused both to deny and to confirm that it was an extraterrestrial spaceship.


Local newspapers report that in Stephensville, Texas, USA, several dozens people including a pilot, the county constable and business owners are reporting a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast. Some reported seeing fighter jets chasing it.

Locals of several towns swear that it was larger, quieter, faster and lower to the ground than an airplane, that its lights changed configuration unlike those of a plane.

Erath County Constable Lee Roy Gaitan said that he first saw red glowing lights and then white flashing lights moving fast, but that even with binoculars could not see the object to which the lights were attached. "I didn't see a flying saucer and I don't know what it was, but it wasn't an airplane, and I've never seen anything like it," Gaitan said. "I think it must be some kind of military craft — at least I hope it was."

Pilot Steve Allen, a freight company owner, said the object he saw last week was a mile long and half a mile wide and that it was "positively, absolutely nothing from these parts."

A machinist, Ricky Sorrells, said friends made fun of him when he told them he saw a flat metallic object hovering about 300 feet over a pasture behind his Dublin home, but he decided to come forward after reading similar accounts in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune newspaper. He said he saw it several times and watched it through his rifle's telescopic lens. He described it as very large and without seams, nuts or bolts.

Maj. Karl Lewis, a spokesman for the 301st Fighter Wing at the Joint Reserve Base Naval Air Station in Fort Worth, said no jets or other aircraft from his base were in the area the night of January 8, when most people reported the sighting. He suggested it could have been an illusion caused by two commercial airplanes, with the airplanes lights appearing unusually bright and orange from the setting sun.

Officials at the region's two Air Force bases — Dyess in Abilene and Sheppard in Wichita Falls — also said none of their aircraft were in the area last week and that the Air Force no longer investigates UFOs.


According to British ufologist Dave Clarke and the newspaper "The Guardian", the documents about UFO reports of the "DI55" service of the British Ministry of Defense Defense will be declassified.

Until recently, the fact that there was a DI55 studying UFO reports was denied by the British Defense, they claimed they only had juste a simple "UFO Desk" for public information - Nick Pope's function - and nothing more.

They are not the first UFO documents declassified by the British Defense, but the first from DI55. One speaks of 7000 sighting reports, according to The Guardian, at,,2236033,00.html

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