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The 1954 French flap:

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October 1, 1954, Lormaison, Oise:

Reference for this case: 1-Oct-54-Lormaison.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper L'Oise-Matin for October 4, 1954, reporting about the close encounter of the third kind known as at La Croix d'Epine on the 1st of October 1954 at exactly 07:50 p.m., reported that at the same time the flying saucer was seen by a resident of Lormaison, Mrs. Breton.




ALWAYS numerous

An inhabitant of the Méru region reportedly
glimpsed characters from another world

News about "flying saucers" continues to flow with disconcerting regularity, both in our region and in the rest of France. In the first case, it is at the limits of the departments of Somme and Oise, between Vironchaux and Vron (Somme) that two farmers, MM. Condette and Devoisin, said they saw last Friday around 6:45 p.m., an "orange-colored craft in the shape of a beehive, stabilized nearly one meter above the ground".

Having, they say, approached about 40 meters from the mysterious apparatus, they believed to distinguish inside "beings measuring no more than 90 cm to 1 m. in height".

"We tried to get closer, concluded the witnesses, but at this moment the craft disappeared, rising vertically at a frightening speed and in total silence."

The gendarmerie opened an investigation.

The other reports of saucers across France are rife, including the bizarre account of a road mender of bridges and roads who worked, in the rain, along the Coulommiers-Meaux road, not far from the Quincy-Voisins airfield, Mr. Bernard Goujon, 30-year-old.

Mr. Goujon claimed to have seen in a field, to the left of the road, about 200 meters from him, at the foot of a grove of poplars, a strange oval-shaped craft, measuring about 3 meters in diameter, and a height of 250 m. It was, he said, resting on the ground using three fairly high crutches. Its upper part had a small translucent dome apparently made of plastic. The whole craft was, he said, of a shiny metal like aluminum.

Mr. Goujon said that he had wanted to approach the craft, but when he arrived at about 150 meters, he was seized with tingling as if an invisible electric beam was darting at him.

"I felt, he said, paralyzed, and my sight was slightly scrambled. I then saw the saucer rise very slowly, silently, like a "dead leaf", up to 25 meters from the ground. It stopped for a moment, then still silently and without any luminous trail, disappeared at high speed."

Traces of about 10 centimeters deep were noted on the ground, and Mr. Goujon's comrades also claimed to have seen the "saucer" rise into the sky.


Are they, once again, hallucinations or misinterpretationss with certain atmospheric phenomena? Still, since Friday evening, the population of the peaceful town of St-Crépin-Ibouvillers is literally upset by the story that has just been given to those around them and to one of our reporters, a young man from the locality, Mr. Eugène Delattre.

"It was exactly 7.50 p.m.," he said, "I was riding my motorcycle back home from Méru, where I work. Suddenly, a luminous mass similar to a shooting star caught my attention." The young motorcyclist further specifies: "I continued on my way nonetheless, when I arrived at the place called "La Croix d'Epine", between St-Crépin and Lormaison, the luminous mass swung vertically and landed about twenty meters from the road. No sooner had the craft landed that several small beings came out and headed for the road."

Mr. Delattre described this mysterious craft to us.

It appeared to be designed in two oval-shaped parts, superimposed 4 to 5 meters long. The interior appeared to be lit with a gray-blue light.

Mr. Delattre, in spite of his fright, would have clearly distinguished "two small beings", who, as he passed, remained motionless on the side of the road.

We must specify that at the same time this new flying saucer was seen by a resident of Lormaison, Mrs. Breton.



Totally insufficient information.

However, check the "La Croix d'Epine" case file.


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