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The 1954 French flap:

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October 14, 1954, Pierrelatte, Drôme:

Reference for this case: 14-Oct-54-Pierrelatte.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


An article in the regional newspaper Le Provençal for October 19, 1954, informed that "Thursday", thus on October 14, 1954, a few minutes after 6 p.m., in Pierrelatte, on the edge of the national road 7, a former surveyor of the Army Geographical Institute, Mr. Na..., with his wife, saw "a large luminous ball separated by a non-luminous space".

This double object, which seemed a mile or two away, seemed to come down at a sharp angle, describing a spin. Observed with the binoculars, it disappeared by accelerating its speed behind the curtain of trees along the road.

A few minutes later, a shiny object suddenly appeared quite high in the sky, but in the same direction as the one previously observed. It remained motionless in the sky, alternately lighting and fading like an intermittent headlight. Through the fieldglass, the object seemed to turn on itself. At 06:28 p.m., the phenomenon abruptly stopped to show itself.

The witnesses had reported to the Pierrelatte town hall the facts they had witnessed.




The flying saucer courrier (Continued)


Ales (C.P.).

Mr. Soulier, of Vezenobres (Gard) was hunting Sunday afternoon and was in the waiting under the large trees of the Mount-Bouquet when, around 3 p.m., he suddenly heard a strange noise, similar to the squealing of a well chain.

He came out of his hiding-place and had the surprise, he claims, to see rising in the airs an unknown craft in the shape of a cigar, which comprised four feet under its fuselage.

Mr. Soulier estimates the dimension of the object as approximately 6 meters and clearly saw it evolving at a very low altitude (roughly 50 meters) before disappearing quickly at a high speed.


A double luminous ball went down in gimlet

Avignon (C.P.).

We reported yesterday how a farmer of the surroundings of Entraigues had seen Thursday, at 6 p.m., above this locality a disc shaped craft. The same day, more in the north, and a few minutes later, in Pierrelatte, at the edge of main road RN7, a former geometrician of the Geographical Institute of the Army, Mr. Na..., in company of his wife, saw "a large luminous ball separated by a nonluminous space".

This double object which seemed distant of one or two kilometers appeared to go down at an acute angle while describing a gimlet. Observed with binoculars, it disappeared by accelerating its speed behind the curtain of trees that borders the road.

A few minutes later, a shining object suddenly appeared rather high in the sky, but in the same direction as that which had been observed previously. It remained motionless in the sky, lighting and dying out alternatively like an intermittent headlight. With the glasses, the object seemed to rotate. At 06:28 p.m., the phenomenon suddenly ceased to appear.

Let us add that Mr. and Mrs. Na... were to declare at the town hall of Pierrelatte the facts of which they had been witnesses.

The coincidence of the hour and that of description seem indeed to show that it was the unidentified object seen the same day in Entraigues.

A deputy puts a written question in connection with the "flying saucers"

Foix (A.F.P).

FOIX. -- Following the many appearance of flying machines of unknown type currently reported in all the areas of France, Mr. Rene Dejean, deputy of Ariège (socialist) addressed to the president of the Council a written question asking him among other questions:

- "Whether were created or not a service missioned to gather the existing documentation on this matter and to study the nature and the origin of the said machines.

- "Whether the information currently collected and gathered makes it possible to absolutely exclude the assumption of machines piloted or controlled by living beings of unknown species and origin.

- "Whether the government has, on the contrary, sufficient information to allot the production of these machines to the industry of a foreign Country.

- "Whether in this last case the international agreements signed by France already allowed consultations relating to the use of such machines in a possible conflict.


La Bastide (C.P.).

On October 14, towards 06:15 p.m., from a point located on the road of Bargemon, in La Bastide (Var), at approximately 6 kms of Bargemon, a retired colonel living La Bastide, saw very clearly in a very clear sky, and during one half-second approximately, a yellow luminous trail, followed with sparks. This luminous trail moving towards the North-West, was seen on the heights dominating in Bargemon in the north.

Other people living either in La Bastide, or the surrounding villages, at the same hour, saw the same luminous trail moving in the same direction.


Avignon (C.P.).

In the evening of Sunday, at 10:50 p.m., la population of the small village of Lirac in the Gard, at forty kilometers in the North-West of Avignon, saw with astonishment the "play" of several luminous red balls which exceeded themsleves several times in continuation above the locality before disappearing.

[Ref. lcn1:] LUC CHASTAN:

Luc Chastan indicates in his database that in the Drôme in Pierrelatte on October 14, 1954 at 18:05 hours, a couple observes from the edge of National Road 7 an object made of two large luminous balls separated by a nonluminous space. The object went down at a sharp angle, spiraling down. It disappeared behind the rows of tree that borders the road while accelerating. A few minutes later a shining object suddenly appeared rather high in the sky in the same direction as the first one. It remained motionless while flickering. Observed with the binocular it seemed to be in rotation."

The source is noted: "Le Provençal".



This observation is quite extraordinary since that very day, around 06:10 p.m. - 06:15 p.m., in this region among other regions, a big meteor generated numerous testimonies.

The first observed phenomenon may have been the meteor, but the second cannot be a meteor.

For me, the second phenomenon is a complete mystery...


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Pierrelatte, Drôme, road, geometrician, anonymous, ball, luminous, descent, gimlet, maneuvers, glasses, shining, flickering, rapid, duration


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