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Identified Flying Objects:

Not all UFO sighting reports are caused by aiplanes. But some are.

Airplane lights on night photographs:

Airplanes at night can show their lights:

All kinds of lights. Landing headlights, flickering traffic lights, cockpit lighting, light pouring by the port-holes of the passenegrs cabin, jet engines exhauts with or without post-combustion, headlights illuminating the wing so that the crew can check whether ice accumulates on the aerofoil, etc.:

To the naked eye, these lights can appear in a very different manner than on photography, because in most cases in night photography, a long exposure time to compensate for the general lack of lighting can produce the "traces" of these steady or flickering lights.

Everyone saw what cars headlights look like on night photographs:

Well, obviously the same can accurr with planes photographed by night:

But witnesses, UFO buffs, and even ufologists sometimes, do not always realize this, so we get some of those "UFOs" occasionally...


"LB UFO" - 2009:

Images that appeared at s162.photobucket.com/albums/t255/lpanter7/LB%20UFO/?start=all où "lpanter7" - no less than 46 images similar to the one below with the only cmment: "LB UFO"

Commented on www.godlikeproductions.com/bbs/reply.php?messageid=751906&page=2&quote=11541047 where the publisher says a woman of the neighborhood took this shots in Long Beach, California on March 17, 2009 in the night "one hour ago", of a "gigantic UFO" with publisher's interpretation: the UFO has "lots of luminous windows"... and a whole story about military helicopters (nowhere to see on the photographs!) chasing this "UFO" that allegeldy caused air traffic trouble as it was in the line of flight of the local airport, and allegely was gone in a snap. The publisher claims that the "ISS and the space shuttle were visible in the sky" but "this ting was only a few hundred feet above my house". and the usual discussion on the "it's real, it's a hoax" mode at

The images are reported in Franceon March 25 on a UFO mailing list as "you herd the story ot that ufo ? here are all the pictures !", echoed on another UFO mailing list as "these shots show 'something' which seems to be very intresting...but what ?"

The publisher claims there was quite a crowd of "military helicopters" surveying the "gigantic UFO": not one appears on the images.

The publisher claims that the images shows ine UFO on a "circular trajectory": there are obviously several passing of different planes.

The publisher explaines that the camera was set on an 8 seconds exposure.

Interestingly enough there are actually 7-8 luminous spots on the images: airplane traffic lights generally flicker once a second!

Le soi-disant OVNI du 5 novembre 1990 et un avion appelé débris de fusée:

In the French " VSD Special Issue" devoted to UFOs for July 1998, this image, already published in 1990 in Paris-Match magazine, appeared:

November 5, 1990, space junk from a Russian rocket burned in the sky while passing over France, generating a large number of reports. Once explained by amateurs, the incident was explained the same more or less by the SEPRA, i.e. Jean-Jacques Vélasco, the engineer at the CNES with a mission to officially investigate into "atmospheric Re-entries".

Some ufologists of the lunatic kind never wanted to hear it and still pontificate that the event was a "flap" of "thousands of UFOs".

As for the photograph, contrary to the caption added upon it, it had nothing to do with what people reported, nothing to do with the correct explanation, it shows absolutely not "the November 5 UFO" and absolutely not a "Russian rocket which disintegrates", but quite simply the passing of a plane in the night photographed in long exposure time!

"Pétroglyphes dans le ciel" et "vaisseau-mère au-dessus de Phoenix":

A chap in the United States posing as "archaeologist" photographs old Indian engravings in the stones of the area, which he then calls "petroglyphs in the sky" or even "lights" (!) and he estimates this has to do with "UFOs" that he films or photographs in the skies around the town of Phoenix, Arizona. Some BS...

He calls the thing on this picture a "Mother Ship":

Isn't it indeed sort of a huge luminous cigar-shaped UFO?

I remember with hilarity a "debate" I had with a French ufologist of the kind "I have 50 years of experience in ufology": the photograph had been shown, obviously, as "a UFO", "mysterious". After I explained that this was obviously a plane and its flashing lights, taken in long exposure mode, by an obviously gullible and overexcited person, the ufologist insisted that it wasn't, as he was certain for some reason that it had to be "a reflection in the window pane" (what wiondow pane? reflection of what?), a non-existent window pane actually as the photographer said the shot was done outside.

Of course, to "UFOmag" and "CrystalCave UFO Pics" and others, this remainded a "mothership":

UFO over Washington D.C. , 2005:

This "UFO", that nobody actually saw, was only recorded by a webcam of the national park service near river Potomac and the Arlington cemetery in Washington D.C. in 2005. It was the talk of the web then, for example at www.alien-ufo-pictures.com/ufo-picture-wash.jpg

The most hilarious was that the chap who published what he thought was a picture of a "UFO" comments that cars headlights trails are visible on the bridge but "not those of the UFO" so "it must have been hovering"!

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