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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Chuck Wade

(Chuck WADE).

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Chuck Wade was born and raised in Corona, New Mexico. At the time of the Roswell incident, 1947, he was 7 years old and the son of Jesse Wade, the owner of the only bar in Corona. He received his Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from New Mexico State University and is the retired owner of Wade Building Co. in Gallup, New Mexico.


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Interviews and public statements:

Interview with Linda Moulton Howe:

Chuck Wade told in 2004 in an interview to investigator Linda Moulton How that...

"In 1935, Dad was going through Corona, stopped in at the bar and before the night was over, he was the owner of that bar. He and my mother ran that bar for 42 years, retiring in 1976. That's where my Dad was the morning during the summer of 1947 when Mac Brazel drove up in an old pick-up truck, came up to my Dad and wanted Dad to go out to the Foster Ranch to see what in the world had crashed out there. He was very insistent that Dad go out there because there was stuff he had never seen before. But Dad was even more insistent and did not go."

"My father suggested that Mac report this to Roswell because that was the closest military base and closest to him law enforcement. I do know that after Mac left the bar, he must have gone up to the Duboise Drugstore because I heard Geraldine Duboise tell me twice in the last three years that Mac made a phone call to Roswell telling them ­ and I don't know who 'them' are ­ about something crashing out on his ranch."

Radio interview with George Noory summary, 2004:

In a 4-hour special in December 2004, George Noory, in the L.A. studio of the radio broadcast Coast to Coast AM, broadcasting live from the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas, interviewed several conference presenters. He summarized his interview with Chuck Wade:

"Chuck Wade presented information about Mac Brazel and Foster Ranch, purported site of a UFO crash in 1947. Wade said Brazel visited his father's bar in Corona, New Mexico immediately after the crash and told him about it. In June 2004, Wade conducted a dig at the Plains of San Augustine, where he discovered unusual 50-year old metal pieces. Analysis revealed the metal to be composed of aluminum, iron and silicon. According to Wade, this kind of metal was not a made 50 years ago."

Participation in the 2nd Annual UFO Crash Retrievel Conference, 2004

Chuck Wade
Debris from Two Crashed UFOs in New Mexico, 1947

In 1947, Mr. Mac Brazel discovered a considerable amount of debris of unknown origin on the Foster Ranch near Corona, New Mexico, my home town. Mac came to Corona to request my father to go out to the ranch and see what was there. My father declined. A couple of years later Mac's son, Bill Brazel, showed some of this debris in my father's bar in Corona, and shortly thereafter "the Government" came and confiscated this debris. About 1987, Loretta Proctor told my mother and me about Mac Brazel showing some of the debris to her husband, Floyd, and her. Loretta said this unusual debris would not scratch or burn. In March 2004, Mr. Art Campbell was a presenter at the UFO Symposium in Aztec, New Mexico. Art discussed some very unusual parts and pieces that he has, that may be from the 1947 UFO crash on the Plains of Saint Augustine in New Mexico. Art and I became friends and discussed sharing a "dig" at the Plains of Saint Augustine in June, 2004. This "dig" came off beautifully. Nine of us, using four, twelve-foot-tall A-frame structures, each with a 2' x 3' screen basket, sifted a considerable amount of soil. We were successful in retrieving a few pieces of metal foil (one piece about 50sq. in., and one piece that has two "seamed" edges), and a shard of "wax." We are in the process of having the metal foil pieces analyzed. I presented a piece of this metal foil to Mr. Stanton Friedman to be passed on to the UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico, while he was on stage there at the Museum on July 3, 2004. The Museum is having this piece of metal foil analyzed.

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Investigators notes and comments:

Nick Redfern:

Nick Redfern was one of the presenter at the 2004 "2nd Annual UFO Crash Retrievel Conference."

Chuck Wade gave a fascinating and very personal lecture concerning his family's links with the Roswell story, some of the key players in the case, and his current attempts to try and locate and analyze debris from the crashes that may still lie buried within the sands of the New Mexico.

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Commenting on the conference:

"Debris from Two Crashed UFOs in New Mexico, 1947, by Chuck Wade - The audience was excited when Chuck displayed pieces from his "dig" in New Mexico on the plains of Saint Augustine. The metal is being analyzed."

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Skeptics of Las Vegas:

Commenting on the 2004 "2nd Annual UFO Crash Retrievel Conference", the Skeptics of Las Vegas indicate that "according to Pahrump's own Coast to Coast AM (, this conference featured such compelling evidence of extraterrestrial visitation as the following" and have this comment on the presentation by Chuck Wade at the conference:

A second-hand report by Chuck Wade, who claimed that Mac Brazel visited his father's bar in Corona, New Mexico immediately after the alleged UFO crash in Roswell and told him about it. Wade also conducted a "dig" on the Plains of Saint Augustine in New Mexico and reportedly was rewarded with several fascinating pieces of "foil," one as big as 50 square inches (that's about half the size of a standard piece of notebook paper – clearly the remnant of a crashed spaceship). Do I have to tell you that Wade and his tireless team of researchers are having this specimen "analyzed?"

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Chuck Wade metal foil, 2004:

Below: A picture of one piece presented by Chuck Wade at a 2004 UFO conference.

Note that the red line is no part of the object, it is just a laser pointer used at the conference when this debris was presented by Chuck Wade.


Indications by Ryan S. Wood, as of year 2004:

The proceedings of the "2nd Annual UFO Crash Retrievel Conference" conference are available online at for $35 each, some 251 pages of text along with the complete set of DVDs for $160. Individual DVDs can also be purchased online for $16.

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