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Roswell 1947 - mass media

This sub-section of my Roswell 1947 section provides news on Roswell 1947 items in the modern mass media (TV, radio, newspaper and magazine. The fact that I provide these items does not mean any judgment on their value or accuracy on my part.

Science Fiction Channel announcement, July 11, 2003:


New "Declassified" specials hosted by Bryant Gumbel seek the forensic truth behind UFO incidents

This fall, SCI FI Channel will introduce a series of original two-hour primetime documentary specials, in the spirit of last year's highly successful The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence.The SCI FI Declassified franchise will launch with two groundbreaking investigations, hosted by Bryant Gumbel (CBS's The Early Show, NBC's Today Show), that uncover stunning new evidence utilizing the quantifiable, forensic tools of modern science.SCI FI moves outside Roswell to chronicle fresh forensic testing in connection to two unsolved cases involving unknown objects from space -- one in Pennsylvania, and one in Great Britain.

The SCI FI Declassified franchise reinforces the Channel's commitment to airing documentaries that further serious public inquiry and understanding of the UFO phenomenon.Last year, SCI FI launched a Washington, DC based public advocacy initiative to draw greater attention to the UFO phenomenon by the media, scientists and opinion leaders. The Channel is currently lobbying Congress to gain support for more scientific inquiry into these issues.

The specials include:


Bryant Gumbel returns to host the first of this year's SCI FI Declassified specials. This two-hour groundbreaking investigation examines the startling events in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania -- where in 1965 witnesses saw a fireball in the evening sky, a controlled landing and the military recovery of an object. With all-new scientific forensic analyses, new witnesses and the results of an extensive effort to obtain declassified government documents, this October SCI FI reveals startling new evidence concerning this decades old mystery -- and includes an update from last fall's Roswell special on the findings at the excavated crash site.

RENDLESHAM: THE UK's ROSWELL (tentative title)

SCI FI travels across the Atlantic to expose one of the most notorious UFO incidents of the twentieth century, a series of events that occurred near an American military base in Rendlesham Forest, England in 1980.Unlike Roswell, a majority of witnesses (civilians and former military) are still alive and have finally come forward to participate and provide new evidence for SCI FI's investigation.Rendlesham was recently catapulted back into the headlines after the British government acknowledged it classified documents to cover-up the incident. Hosted by Bryant Gumbel.

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