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Roswell 1947 - Articles by researchers

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The policy for my "article by Researchers" section


The fact that I provide an article by a researcher related to the Roswell incident,

Which kind of articles can be published?

The articles section will include exclusively articles dealing in a argued or informative or new manner of a particular aspect of the Roswell incident, exclusively by researchers actually involved in such research. The writings dealing with the incident in a global manner, undefended assertions, testimonies, newspaper clippings, documents by military authorities, expressions of opinions, will not be published in the articles section, but in other suitable sections, when and as appropriate.

Articles whose reproduction is prohibited to me will not be published. The authors wishing publication of some new article must expressly let me know their agreement as for the publication of their article in this section.

New articles will have to be sent to me in the form of an electronic text by email at patrick.gross@inbox.com, the author must identify himself/herself by and give his agreement for the publication in the articles section. The article must discuss homogeneous items, so that the article can be attached to one or the other articles categories, existing or new. An author wishing to express himself on various points corresponding to several such categories will have to provide several separated articles. The article will have to be written if possible in English and will be translated in French so that French readers can benefit of it. If the author does not provide a french translation, I will ensure the translation myself, the bilingual presentation being a publication prerequisite in my site. The author is free to ask me for modifications of this translation. The articles will be presented with the name of the author and the date of drafting, without interruption of comments by third parties except, when relevant, short comments of my share for untranslatable terms or elements being likely to be incomprehensible. No critics or opinions or comments will be added to the original article. The articles will be published in their full length.

What are the conditions for a right to answer?

The only type of right of response which will be taken into account is a response in the form of an article written in the compliance with all the rules defined here. In short, if you are an author or researcher with an actual involvment in research relating to the Roswell incident, you can write and send to me a new article treating in a argued or informative way of an already published article, whatever the author or the date is, with the same condition of respecting the guidelines that applied to the original article you respond to.

Other rules:

Conflicts management:

The Roswell incident receives various interpretations even completely opposite among its researchers. The consequence is a large risk to see emotions such as anger taking an undue place in articles or answers to articles. This anger can possibly appear as discourteous remarks against other researchers. I recommend to the authors to restrain from such expressions, and to the readers not to react by an anger directed at myself, my role here being that of the messenger and not that of the author of the message. Here are some tips, which you may apply in your draftings so as to reduce the unhappy influence emotions in any debate:

Writing an article:

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