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UFOs in Beauvais, France, October 1993:

Basic indications:

Date written:
Date received:
Date published:July 21, 2018
Date of sighting:
Place of sighting:France, Oise, Beauvais
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, street address, phone
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: Form posted with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Posted on: December 12, 2002
By: [Name First Name]

Date = October93
Day of the week =?
Time = approx 21H 22P-be
Duration of the observation = 30 scds
Department = oise
Location of observation = AFPA center Beauvais
Your name = [Name]
Your name = [Firstname]
Your address = [Address]
Postal Code = 59400
Phone = [Phone]
Your e-mail = no pc
Number of witnesses = me
Number of objects = two
Shape of the object = Elliptical
Other forms =
Noise = No
Color = red-orange
Object with beams = No
Beam color =
Object with trail = No
Trail color =
Moon present = No
Clouds = No
Rain = No
Wind = Yes

Comment = I was in training at the AFPA beauvais center one night I get out of my room where I was with some colleagues, to call my parents and my friend, the phone booth was in the parking lot of the center facing a field The booth was occupied, I decided to wait a little on the parking lot smoking a cigarette, I light it, looked up at the sky against the soccer field and suddenly I noticed that two kinds of oval balls of the color of a piece of iron that we would have melted move in parallel to each other at the same speed without ever distancing themselves. I wonder "would this be planes or helos, I hear nothing, they are however barely 200m from the ground, and what speed, as big as a streetlight light (1 ball = the size of a streetlight lighting, the 2 balls are of same size) it was then that from the incredible maneuvers they did I realized that no plane could do this. a (while advancing they moved away from each other the same distance but like the mouse of a computer, in an instant, without forming a kind of triangle by moving away, no, they have advanced like that over a certain distance, then they always resumed advancing, and in the same way, their initial distances from each other and that in a way impossible to describe without making a gesture, and on the length of a small soccer field, I looked at them, pass over me and the building, continued their direction. If I speak about it today it is because at the time when the booth was free, I asked the person if she had seen something, she said no. On the phone I told my parents and my friend that I had just seen two flying saucers, they asked me if I had drank, going back to my room same scenario when I wanted to explain that to my comrades, they told me: "you're sure it was not a plane so I pulled the curtains and showed them what was a plane in the sky and, as if by chance, the sky was full, curious thing, can be searched they what I had to see.INFORM ME PLEASE I WANT TO KNOW, I bought a video on the subject but they are not enough explanatory, I love the video on the archeology I MUST BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THESE RESEARCH WHEN YOU ARE NOT A SCIENTIST OR A SAVANT PERSON.DONT HESITATE TO CALL ME AS I DO NOT HAVE THE INTERNET BEFORE CHRISTMAS IN ADVANCE THANK YOU.

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