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Basic indications:

Date written:December 16, 2007
Date received:December 16, 2007
Date published:September 28, 2008
Date of sighting:Various, see report.
Place of sighting:Various, see report.
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: Ufo's sightings on many years
Date: December 16, 2007
From: [Pseudonyme]


Your serious, sincere, rich and impassioned website encouraged me to report my experience to you, which, I hope for it, might interest you.

First of all, I do not wish that my address is published directly, but if my testimony seems to match with others from your readers, then I authorize you to communicate to them, with their request, this email.

I evoked these facts with close people (family and friends). Something I should not have done, considering the little serious that I got in return. Indeed, being in good faith, it was difficult for them to conceive that I had seen what I had seen. In the major part of the cases, I was granted the right to have seen what I claimed to have seen, but it was stated that I was certainly mistaken. As you can conceive, it was unbearable for me.

The only scientific person I would say to whom I spoke about it, happens to be a ufologist in Canada who merely examined in his little notebook what I told him and who had not even tried to express his opinions or to bring his own lighting to me. At the time I was in a great distress vis-a-vis these phenomena and I sought a solution to them, and aiming at this, I accepted all and anything.

At the beginning of May 1997 (it was the 5th or the 6th) in Lorraine, in the Vosges, I went over my sixteen years. I had just received a puppy and I walked it out very early, thing which was not usual to me, during the holidays, to leave at this hour more especially as my dog was yet only a puppy. It must have been between six hours and seven hours. The night was slowly fading, and I took it along a ground in slope. It was a slope, in fact, which led to another district. The stars were still visible and the sky was perfectly clear. What strongly shocked me, was the pace of the craft that I saw. Having no notions of distances for the planes, I could not tell you which altitude it flew, but I perceived it very clearly. It was an enormous rectangle, an enormous building in fact, very black, and covered of windows from which a white light came out. It was much larger than a commercial aircraft, it seemed me to be the double, easily. It was terrorizing. This thing passed in front of my eyes and did not have wings, and seemed to float in its displacement. I remember perfectly what I also felt: my blood froze, my internal organs turned upside down, and the fear of my life. It is what I felt by seeing it. This craft inspired a feeling of absolute horror to me. It moved towards the Schlucht pass. And I had to see it approximately between ten and fifteen good seconds, that seemed long to me, perhaps but my memories might trick me. I was so much afraid that I took my puppy in the arms. For I remember perfectly to have thought that this thing could go down very well and to move towards me. I do not know why I had this thought, but I had it. Finally, it did not do it and went away.

This event was very important to me. It caused more personal things, détached of the event in itself, on my intimate life which I will conceal, not wanting to lower the credibility of the experience I described above. Moreover, these personal events that I associate with the event, I am the only one to link them with the event, according to my only views, intimate I would say. Therefore... I spoke about this event the very same day to my family. And friends. Some believed me, others told me that I had certainly seen a helicopter or a plane, which was not the case: I can make the difference between a black rectangular cube without wings and a helicopter or a plane.

In April 1998 (I do not remember the day any more) still in the Vosges, I was witness, with a [female] friend, from her home, of a phenomenon of a more traditional light. It was a light in the sky. It shone like planet Venus. You would have said a fixed star at the start, but the latter started to make an "8" in the sky. My friend thought that they were lasers, but in the cases of lasers, one always sees, if you look carfully, the beam coming from the ground. That was not the case. The satellites to my knowledge, but perhaps I am mistaken, do not make "8"'s in the sky, so large and also fast. It was late in the evening, between midnight and one hour. The night was rather clear. The light was motionless at the end of one moment (twenty minutes later, it had to move a long time, at least a quarter of an hour) and behaved like a plane's light, without flickering: it rose in a line. I do not remember the weather conditions, I do not remember only that the night was clear and the geometrical figures of the light and its straight line path at the end. It must have been cold too, because we did not open the window.

In 2002, in the Pas-de-Calais, in Calais even, at All Saints' day, I was with friends in a cemetery. The sky was covered, it was right before midday. Perhaps this is not important but I must specify that I had exeprienced food poisoning, and the food poisonings can cause in certain cases hallucinations with the symptoms of fever that they can generate. This phenomenon of lights however do not lack interest in spite of its brevity since I was not the only one to have seen it. And to my knowledge, the two other people had not lived the gastric hell which I had just experienced, without wanting to go into the details on this matter. The phenomenon was extremely short. My mind was distracted a few seconds and I contemplated the sky, at its horizon, with an empty mind. No means of telling you where the appearance was, just that the sky was very covered and gray and very luminous. And that it was there at the horizon, to see it, it was necessary to look at the sky at its point of horizon, a little on the left. In the distance, I thus saw several kinds of lights in the clouds. It was inside a plume of cloud. A first one was white, very white, but it became blue, then pink, then orange, before disappearing. By chance, a man who had seen it looked at me immediately and asked to me whether I had seen the same thing he saw. And we fell in agreement. A young girl who accompanied us had seen the same thing. The other people (we were ten) did not see anything, discussing between them. Moreover, I saw these lights with, in foreground, I remember very precisely, the faces of these people who discussed between them. A good example, it seems to me, that it is often enough to look at the good time by chance, to see. Moreover because of the testimony of the young girl, those who had not looked at the phenomenon scoffed at the other man and I: indeed this poor girl spent her time lying...

At the end of 2005, it was November or December, I were in the Auvergne, in the Allier, at a friend's for the parties of the end of the year. I was in his car, waiting for him, he was in a municipal building. I was parked in a large deserted carpark, where football games were improvised. It grew dark, it was the end of the day, and the sky was covered. I was alone. It was once again a light. But it was near to me. It is the closeest phenomenon I ever saw, since it was to be to about thirty meters of my position. I sought radio radio stations when I turned my head towards the left and I then saw at the top of a very gray cloud an enormous projector of white light (I call it like for a reason I'll explain later). This light was to be in the cloud itself to appear in this manner. I initially thought that it was a helicopter in spite of my surprise, but there was no noise (however, in my research, I learned that certain helicopters can fly without noises, I am unaware if one finds some of those in France, probably yes). The projector stopped on the spot, searched the ground with a weak beam for two or three seconds then, and this is why I call it "the projector", it turned upwards. Literally, I had the feeling that one turned it over towards the sky, and there I saw it no more. I did not feel anything particular during this appearance, except a surprise, that of not hearing the engine noise I expected.

I regard my first experience of 1997 as the most extraordinary and most convincing of all. I saw an abnormal object that day. Even if the other appearances were astonishing to observe, none could impregnate me like the first did. Moreover, as is stands, it constitutes extraordinary memory to me and from this point of view, I am lucky to have been the witness. But on another side, it always leaves me a taste of fear in the mouth, even when I think about it again, and I would not like to see it again pass above my head for this thing did not seem to be made for noble intentions (a purely personal and subjective judgement, I assume). Concurrently to this one, the other appearances which followed, of strange lights, appear almost anecdotic to me (for as much, they remained all the same in my memory for their particular character, whatever it may be).

Perhaps you can tell me if you are informed of appearances of same kind. While hoping to have been precise enough... I remain at your disposal if you have questions.

Thanks for your attention and reading.


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