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Basic indications:

Date written:July 25, 2007
Date received:July 25, 2007
Date published:January 14, 2008
Date of sighting:July 1995
Place of sighting:France, beach of Ile-Tudy
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: observation finistère sud
Date: July 25, 2007
From: [Prénom] [Nom] [alias]


I want to report this observation to you, for recently I consider the UFO phenomenon and I understood that I was not the only one to have encountered this type of phenomenon.
I had forgotten it without asking myself too many questions

it was in 1995 I beleive the 1st week of July. I was on the beach of the island-tudy (between loctudy and ste marine ,29) very late in the night.

I was with other people I met that night there on the beach. they neither knew of an explanation. unfortunately we paid only little attention to this display.

a white light coming from loctudy arrived slowly at the level of the water.

a luminous white ball not exceeding 50cm however the water was illuminated,no reflection, ever, for we had first thought of a fisherman's boat with its lamp.
at the beginning it was located at less than 50m from the shore.
we thus thought of a boat, but this sphere passed above a rocky reef which shows at the low tide, and the sea was with in its low.

continuing to to do what we were doing from time to time we took a peek at it.

its speed had increased, however in spite of an almost null wind, there was neither noise of engine nor of sail... nothing.

a standard zodiac smallboat could not have done this, especially silently then the phenomenon moved "on dry feet" on the sand revealed by the tide. we were at loss of an explanation and it is at this time that we were illuminated.

the beam was clearly directed towards us. it returned to the spheric form and is went back to the water. we paid no more attention to it and I did not see it moving away.

this has certainly a human explanation, however I would be very curious to know which one.

we were three in this group of night birds to remain in the most total expectancy.

a regret; not to have approached this light

here it is, I hope that this can be useful to your work.


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