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Basic indications:

Date written:August 14, 2007
Date received:August 14, 2007
Date published:January 13, 2008
Date of sighting:July 1986
Place of sighting:Ottawa, Canada
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address, type of company, company, day/month of birth date.
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: observation d'OVNI juillet 1986 1er ou 2em quinzaine otawa Canada.
Date: August 14, 2007
From: [name]@[company].fr

hello, my name is [Firstname] [Name] I was born the [Day/Month]/1969 in montpellier.Now I am 38-year old and two great little girls,I live in perpignan and work in Montpellier as an executive in a [-] company where I deal with a Banking software.I'm not really interested in UFOs, I estimate to have just the awareness of the average people on this matter. In fact, like today, I do not have much to do, I surf the net and from pages to pages I stumbled on your wesite, very interesting by the way. If I decided to write to you, that is to report that a long time ago, (I was 17, we were in July 1986, at the time of a trip to Canada where I remained in the town of otawa), I saw what I always knew was a UFO.Actually I was in the bedroom that was allotted to me, it was late, I could not tell you the hour, but the night had fallen since a while,and everyone seemed to sleep in the house and outside.My bed was placed under a window, which gave to a garden The night was very clear and full of star.While daydreaming I saw an Oval form, round luminous, very luminous, which was in the sky opposite me at a distance which could be between 5 and 10 KM.It seemed in parking like a motionless disc hanging in the sky. I might have observed it 1 hour, the nose stuck to the pane (pane that doesnt open) I sought all the possible explanations, but the obviousness was there, for me, it was unexplainable. I lay down stood up the object was still there.and then all of a sudden nothing anymore?? I did not see it leaving but between two observations spacced 2 minutes or even less... disappeared... volatilized. That it, of course, I told this story in my family, and to some buddies, and sometimes I still tell it when the topic comes up in a conversation, but well nothng more, that remains right in a corner of my memory, but always very clearly... In fact, what I would like to know today, is if you were informed of another observation in July 1986 in the area of otawa 1st fortnight of July. well thank you for your reading. I do not wish that my name appears somewhere, but you can of course tell this small story. Thank you Best Regards

[Prénom] [Nom]

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