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Basic indications:

Date written:November 7, 2007
Date received:November 7, 2007
Date published:December 14, 2007
Date of sighting:March 7, 2006
Place of sighting:Argentina, toward San Juan
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address, webiste, blog
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: Testimony in the San Luis province (Argentina) in March 2006
Date: November 7, 2007
From: [Firstname] [address]

Hello Patrick,

Frenchman, 45 year-old, resident of Buenos Aires since 1994, here is my report to you about what I saw in the province of San Luis (Argentina) on March 07, 2006. In the car, I was in company of another Frenchman followed and preceded on 104 km and during 1:15 by two lights of a diameter of 1m and moving with us at only 1m of the level of the asphalt road.

Indeed, Tuesday, last March 07, coming from Cordoba on board my car and going towards San Juan in company of a friend (member of Voyage Forum), we stopped a last time in the locality of Quines (Province of San Luis) to make a last fill of gasoline on the RN20, it is indeed the last important locality on the road before the town of San Juan 300 km further.

It was 07:30 p.m. in Quines, a clear sky and sun ready to set down. We take again the road and 22 km more in the south on the level of the village of Lujan, the road parts two, although the main road 20 goes full East, almost all the traffic crosses by the RP146 to join the town of San Luis 121 km from there in the full South. I thus stop right before the intersection at a bar close to the road to confirm my way. (the signs in Argentina especially in this part of the country are often random, and it is often better to check before starting on a deserted road). At 08:00 p.m. thus, here we are on the RN20 road, alone, all the trucks (at this time, not even one car, only trucks or long distances buses) take the RP146. The night is black and spangled, no cloud. We are in the full desert (human as well as vegetation desert... some shrubs nothing more), the ground is flat, no relief, and the road is just one 104 km long line before reaching with next turning (at 104 km from there) the RP147 which is linked to the RN20 to connect to San Juan. In short, we are two in the car, on this straight line slipping by at 120 km/h in the middle of the roadway for there is nothing in front and nothing behind, no light at all neither in front, nor behind, not even one village, except the stars in the sky, and my headlights which trace right ahead.

Both chatterers, we chat since hours of various stuff when very little time after our entry on this straight line, a light appears in my rear view mirror. At that time, I think of a car which follows us, I do not speak about it to my colleague and the discussion continues between us two, just afterwards (can be 2 or 3 minutes), another light appears in front of us at ground level (or rather at road level)... in my logic, I take that for a car or a truck which comes towards us and which we will cross in a few seconds, I thus go to the right lane of the road while waiting for it to cross us...... we however continue to speak the seconds pass and the light is still in front of me slightly on the left, 3 other minutes go by, now I do not listen any more to F... seated next to me I interrupt him and I ask to him whether he find this odd that we do not arrive at the height of this other vehicle since we rush at 120 km/h and that this other vehicle must also move at the same speed. We both make a fast calculation, at this speed, the two vehicles must cross in 15 seconds or 30 second at most. But now it is more than 5 km that the light is still the same in front of us, it does not reduce, nor grows. We have to aknowledge that this light drives at the same speed than us and in the same direction........ Moreover, as you had to notice many times, the tar is still hot even at the beginning of evening, the road heats the layer of air being just at its level and created a reflection. And at this time the "light" is also reflected on the tar, which indicates that it must be very close to the road, practically on the ground. (the next days I analyzed all the trucks, bus or cars headlights that one can cross, and to obtain an image of optimum reflection of headlight it is necessary to be between 200 and 300 m of the object, until 500m the reflection still appear with the naked eye, then it disappears.)

Now it is already 5 good minutes that the light is in front of us, we still did not understand what that could be, but F... next to me is counting the seconds, and also realizes that this light precedes us at the same speed as us. Having exhausted all the logical solutions of explanation, it is at this time I start to think of a UFO. (When I say UFO, I mean unidentified flying object , or rather in my case an unidentified driving object? in fact even the term of "object" is not adapted, it is in fact an unidentified flying light) Another detail, even at 200 or 300 m and close to 1km, the headlights coming from a truck are very clear and one always distinguishes 2 of them. However, this time, doubt is not possible we have to make with only one "headlight?.

The minutes pass by and I had even forgotten the light of the rear view mirror. I speak about it with F... and tell him that this other light had followed us for 10 minutes. It has the same properties (same color, same size and even same intensity) that the one in front of us, only one round headlight and are also at the same distance (200 A 300 m not more) but behind us. It is at this time that I start to be afraid, I am neither a hero, nor a specialist in the matter and having foamed all the logical explanations to these two lights taking us "in sandwich", I start at the end of these 10 minutes to be quite concerned. F... is still calm, being so much skeptic on the subject, I think that he is not conscious of what happens to us. But his calm reassures me (I do not imagine what it would be alone in my car). Several times, I slow down and I accelerate, between 60 km/h and 120 km/h, but the two lights also slow down and always come to "stick" at my speed. Between the 10th and the 15th minute, the light in the front dies out...... it did not move, it quite simply died out at the place where it was. F..... still fixed on a logical explanation, tells me that it is a truck which could turn and which is inserted in a way but there is no perpendicular road and moreover at this speed...., I do not understand how a truck would drive with only one white headlight lit at the back in front of us since 15 minutes on 25 km and all of a sudden its light would extinguish to disappear all of a sudden before arriving at its height if it turned, for at this speed 200m are run in 6 seconds. And then not even one road (not even a dirt track on the sides). I think that I definitively destroyed any logical explanation when at the same time I realized that the light of front was now behind us having joined the second. We had the two headlights behind us at this distance from 200 to 300 meters. There was a displacement of the light of the front but at such a speed to pass from front to behind (thus 600 m max) that we did not see any displacement but only one light to die out and another to ignite at the same time.

On the 104 km of the road and during 1h15, the two lights accompanied us either in front of the car, or behind, separately or some times together. Changing positions every 5 minutes. They were always on the level of the road, except twice. The first time at the 20th minute when the two lights were laid out in front of us, one at ground level andthe other started to rise little by little to thus reach an altitude from 30 to 50 meters. The second time right at the end of the observation after more than one hour, the two lights were behind us, and a truck crossed us (* I'll come back to the vehicles who crossed us during this hour and quarter), as soon as the truck appeared opposite us, one of the light died out, when it crossed us, the second took altitude quickly. It remained stable and motionless, whereas we continue to move us towards the East. Therefore the point became smaller and whereas we approach the end of these 104 km to approach the RP147... at the speed which we drove, I thus estimate that the light was at this time at 3 or 4 km, an enormous luminous halation appeared at this distance.

At 09:15 p.m. we had again joined the traffic on the main axis and nothing appeared any more

The photographs were taken at the time of following travels still in the same area during which I was witnesss (with other people) of various phenomena. I have a web site in Argentina: [Web site] in which I deal with certain number of UFO phenomena in the country. If you have some day the possibility to come to Argentina, I will be happy to bring you in the San Luis area. Already 9 trips in the area during the 20 last month, and already 7 times I was able to see (with already 9 witnesses) to observe lights approaching closer and closer to the car. In Nov. 2006, a ball remained at a height of 10m at only 10 m of us during a few seconds. I remain available if you wish to get a little more detail.

See you !

[Firstname] !

[Name of blog]
[Address of blog]

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