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Date written:July 10, 2007
Date received:July 10, 2007
Date published:June 9, 2008
Date of sighting:July 7, 2007
Place of sighting:Motorway A7 between Salon de Provence and Aix en Provence direction to Nice
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: UFO sighting
Date: July 10, 2007
From: [eMail]


I write to you to report an observation and to try to find other testimonys.

Date: 07/07/2007 between 22h and 23h
Places: Motorway A7 between Salon de Provence and Aix in provence direction to Nice.
Observation: kind of cigar VERY LUMINOUS (white light)

Friday 07 July 2007 starting from Montpellier for Aix en provence, on the motorway A7 before Salon de Provence at approximately 09:50 p.m., the sun just set down, the sky is clear. While looking up to the sky I am intrigued by what seems me to be a kind of end of fireworks or trail of a shooting star, in any events a sort of luminous smoke which takes long to fade. Intrigued by this event (I imagine a plane crash considering the proximity of a military base) I remain on the watch by observing the sky by slowing down my speed (100 km/h)

The night fallen and the very good visibility, little before living salon de provence I observe a very luminous object in the shape of an horizontal cigar far which seems motionless but fade out (I think initially of the system of lighting on column of a football field)

After Salon de provence at the junction of the motorway direction Aix en provence-Marseilles towards 10 p.m. I find again this luminous object, the object is at less than 100 mêters of altitude and very very luminous, I think of a plane with extra round spots, except that this object in the shape of luminous cigar passes from a horizontal position to an almost vertical position, moves sideways and disappeared instantly... From this moment I was in a stupor I slow down to 50 km/h looking around for this object or plane but nothing at all, I hasten to calla buddy telling him my observation but I felt a little silly...

Still very intrigued I continud my road for aix en provence at a very low speed and scanning the sky, little after the motorway toll, towards 10:20 p.m. I find again the white luminous object on my left in horizontal position moving itself very slowly (I went faster at 90 km/h) it is located on the other side of the motorway after the first line of hills. It dissapears...

Little time later I find it, still on my left and still at low altitude above a village before aix en Provence (I do not know which one) It seemed in a stationary state, It disapeared again

I then call my family (10:30 p.m.) to tell this story...

Arrived on Aix en provence at the round before the giant Casino [supermarket] I see at a very very low altitude small lights like those being under a large Airbus [French airliner], that made me doubt my previous observations except that after thinking about it I had all the car's windows opened and there was no noise... (a plane at this altitude makes noise...) in any case these small lights let foresee a plane or a huge object!

The next day I hopelessly sought other testimonys on the internet, the press... etc... but nothing... I am someone very rational,i know what a plane is and even if it is something known it was too impressive to remain unnoticed, moreover on the motorway there were people. Today I however found a testimony more or less identical to mine on Aix en provence but 3 days before my observation.

Here is the link :

If someone were on this motorway that same day thank you to contact me!

my email : [eMail]


PS: when i get back from montpellier I do a small sketche
if you publish this mail thank you to mention only this email: [eMail]

To: Other sighting reports.

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