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Basic indications:

Date written:March 21, 2008
Date received:March 21, 2008
Date published:March 25, 2008
Date of sighting:December 6, 1996
Place of sighting:France, Nord, [Hameau]
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address, hamlet name
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: report
Date: March 21, 2008
From: [female firstname] [name] [address]


I have just discovered your website. My observation is old and except some people of my entourage and a call to the gendarmerie I had decided to keep "my adventure" in my memory even if I think of it from time to time and think I found a possible possible to what happened to me.I'm 60 years old and I am the head of a company. on 12/6/1996 at 2 a.m. I was returning from Toulouse towards [Hamlet] (Nord) to reach my home located at the exit of a hamlet of several residents in full country. The weather is rainy and it rained, the night is black. At 2 km of my destination, I leave the main road and starts a small road of narrow and ascending countryside. At this precise time I observe the horizon (which consists of a hillock) I see it is very luminous and thinks that another car arrives in the opposite direction. The road is narrow, bordered of fields and I do not have any visibility, therefore I turned off my headlights. Two laces, further I am confronted to a huge wheel with a rather high section, strewn with rectangle more luminous than the wheel; the latter appears me to have the luminosity of a non-blinding neon but of a weird mon standard material "mist or cotton", this wheel advances very slowly turning in the counter-clockwise direction. At the time when I see it I am in height compared to the road who then goes down again. At this level, there are two dwellings on each side. I can thus see that this observation is low compared to the road, I would say 6/7 meter and its size appears me to be more important in width than the house on the right that is 9/10m. I lose my observation for there is a slight turn on the left and when I recover the place of my vision,
I do not see anything any more. The road goes down and turns towards the right skirting a brook on 20 m there, I see above a large tree at the edge of the brook and before the small bridge which I must cross to continue my road, I thus see, a motionless and luminous rectangle like posed on the tree (5/6m without certainty), it is of a size less important than the wheel, I deduce from it that the distance is more important even if it appears posed on the tree. Very surprised, puzzled and not reassured at all, I decide to do as if I saw nothing and do not change my speed, nor do I look when I pass at a few meters in front of the tree. I drivon on the bridge leaving this "luminous thing" on my right. At this point in time suddenly it appears at my height on my left in the shape of a wheel or disc turning at an ultra fast speed and following my trajectory. On the effect of fright I stall but I have a diesel car, I do not understand anything except the engine that I start again immediatly and contine to drive towards the main street of the hamlet. On my left where the vision is,there is an empty field, plowed; along the road there are poles with wires (telephone? power). I throw some glances at this thing which follows my road at low height compared to the field (maximum 2/3m) and I am very afraid for I know that my house is isolated from the hamlet; I have only one wish, to lock myself up at home. Suddenly I see this luminous wheel taking height and moving towards me passing above the wires along the road. Panicked, I slow down because my only thought is not to let myself be overflown by this luminous thing, I do not know why, it is silly, but the situation was abnormal to me and I felt in danger. The wheel passes in front of me at an altitude of about 8 m slipping by towards the right in ascending flight, it disappears from my vision. I cross the hamlet and its few houses on each side of the road, the church, the town hall and I think that I will find myself isolated again on a part of road (bordered of fields and in the open) before reaching my house located at the angle of a crossing of two country roads.

While driving I try to observe the sky which is quite black, I do not see anything, in the distance I see the shade of my house (surrounded by a large park), I arrive in front of its gate. Between the gate and the house there are 20 m of alley before I can park the car in a hangar on the side of the house.

It is a very old house and the gate is not automatic, the house is perpendicular to the gate; I must get out of the car twice to open and close the gate. I do not observe anything in the sky around me, the sight is clear and I have a vision of 180░ in front of me starting from the gate and in direction of the hamlet. I go up the alley and at the end of 10 m I turn on the right to skirt the house and to go to park the car; there, it is a shock, in fronmt of me, again perched above a tree of the park (which is 2 hectares in surface) at a distance of 20 m I see the luminous rectangle. I lose my means, moreover the alarm of the house webt on and increased my fright, I let the car in front of the door of the house, engine on and I rush in the house. I am not ashamed to say that I was very frightened; I regain my poise at the end of a few minutes and slightly open the door to throw a glance in direction of the tree and I see a flash like a lamp which dies out.

I spent a sleepless night without sleep and I immediately wrote down what I had just experienced while making sketches of the two aspects of my observation: a wheel or a disc, and a rectangle, the two being luminous but not dazzling. The next day morning at the first hour, I called the local gendarmerie who advised me to call the Air Force. I did not do anything for I did not want to be called crazy and to have complications in my life.

I thus thought about what that could have been. Taking into account the proximity of the observation, place, of itss appearance, I thought that the only possibility was a hologrammic projection by pranksters who would have been located on top of a hillock which dominates the hamlet where there is a kind manor; from this place one can get a field of vision of 180░ which corresponds exactly to the way I followed and that the luminous object followed. But I believe that the equipment to project holograms of this size must be important, therefore expensive.

Eight days later, an irritation appeared on the level of my eyelids and under the eyes, initially red and painful then the skin became hard and scaled as if I had burned myself. That lasted more than 15 days. I allot that to the shock I had.

I wish to add my observation to the others of your website and to have confirmation on the holograms of this size and the possibility for private individuals of using this type of equipment.

I also wish that my e.mail remains confidential, I thank you; I feel I must add that I never take drugs, nor other substances, and do not drink alcohol. I had a life of employee in the aerospace sector and I try to remain both feet on ground about what I saw.

Note: I do know a lot about holograms projections and saw the equipment needed and the required conditions needed in several professional and publich exhibits and having discussed with several professional in this field. It is totally out of the question in 1996 that any hologram projection can be performed in the open country by anyone, even if the projected figure was motionless, "moving holograms in the air" are even less possible, even nowadays (2008).

Holography, i.e. recording 3-dimensional images, was invented in 1947 by Hungarian physicist Dennis Gabor, but it was only a patented concept then and became something possible only in the 60's when the laser was invented. The first "low quality" hologram pictures appeared in 1962, on special displays at exhibits and museums, indoors, and were monochrome (red) as ruby lasers produced red light only.

Holography uses a reference beam which is combined with the light from the scene or object. When these two beams are coherent, which requires perfect stability of the set-up, optical interference between the reference beam and the object beam, due to the superposition of the light waves, produces a series of intensity fringes that can be recorded on standard photographic film. These fringes form a type of diffraction grating on the film which is called the hologram. When the recorded grating is later illuminated again by a substitute reference beam, the original object beam is reconstructed, producing a 3D image.

Dynamic holography, i.e. projection of a sequence of several holograms, producing the effect of a 3-D movies, obviously also requires perfect stability of the set-up, and huge computing resources, far beyond the scope of any prankster in 1996. Even it prankster had the equipment; which was impossible, the projection would have been confined to the location where the equipment was set up and could absolutely not have moved along from one side of a hamlet to the other side.

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