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Basic indications:

Date written:June 6, 2010
Date received:June 6, 2010
Date published:August 4, 2010
Date of sighting:June 5, 2010
Place of sighting:France, Tournan-en-Brie
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for. Chinese lanterns.

The report:

Subject: Observation of about fifty UFO
Date: June 6, 2010
From: [Firstname] [Name] [firstname].[name]
1 attachment: UFO-Tournan.pdf (404 KB)


Yesterday evening from 23:55 to 00:05 at the time of a paella evening organized by the camp-site of Fredland in Tournan en brie in the 77 I witnessed an exceptional phenomenon like all the participants (approximately a hundred people) did. *DOMAINE «FREDLAND»* - Parc de Combreux - 77220 Tournan en Brie (Camp-site FREDLAND)

We saw passing in the sky a column of balls of orange light. At the beginning I started to count them but there were so many I stopped. They moved from left to the right in the direction of the north. They drifted very slowly without making any noise. The sky was a little cloudy. We are sure that they were not planes for a plane was taking off or landing and we saw it passing above these lights.

They were following each other in a perfect way, synchronized perfectly. They were of sharp orange color. For some one could distinguish that they were composed of 3 other light inside (clearer orange and white).

They went to the North. Compared to our position the lights were with ar 30° of the ground.

A large planes passed well above them, one could distinguish it perfectly. Considering the size of the plane, above them, they were at no more than 1500 feet.

The next day I phoned the gendarmerie of tournan towards 13:30, the gendarme I got told me he saw them too.

Here is a small sketch of the observation. Among the guests I know that someone filmed with his [or her] phone.

I am at your disposal if you need additional information.

[Firstname] [Name]

the attachment:

The attached PDF file contains this sketch:

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