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Nocturnal light in the East, France, 2006:

Basic indications:

Number: FR0150
Date written: September 29, 2006
Date received: September 29, 2006
Date published: November 12, 2006
Date of sighting: September 26, 2006
Place of sighting: France, Saverne
Original language of report: French
Reported using: e-mail
Unreleased information: Name, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information: None
Explanation: See here.

The report:

Subject: simple observation
Date: September 29, 2006
From: [Name]@[Server].ch


I live in Saverne 67 [Bas-Rhin department]. On September 26 towards 05:55 p.m. (approx. 10 minutes after the beginning of the Lyon Bucharest game, whereas I let my dog out), I observed a phenomenon which drew my attention. I report it simply because I have just read your recent report on the north of France which occurred the same day a little later.

Full East, a white fixed light approximately 3 to 4 times more intense and larger than the most brilliant of the visible stars. The sky was clear. After 5 seconds of observation, the light blurred and disappeared while seeming to describe an downwards arc of circle; I say «seeming» because of the strong fall of intensity of the light. I remained 10 more minutes to observe but the light had definitively disappeared. I heard no plane noise.

That's it.

Good continuation

The comments:

Please check the case file in my ALSACAT catalogue.

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