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Basic indications:

Date written:May 28, 2007
Date received:May 28, 2007
Date published:August 29, 2007
Date of sighting:Circa 23 ou 24 mai 1994
Place of sighting:France, Thionville
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: ufo sighting
Date: May 28, 2007
From: [Name].[Firstname]@gmail.com


I send this email to you to tell you the experience of an unidentified object that I saw the night of May the 23, or 24th, 1994, in Thionville in the Moselle. I never spoke about it with anybody only within my family, this evening there I saw it with my father. I see that your website is serious, but despite everything my experience is neither traumatic, neither shocking like some live it, I must even say that it did not frighten me at all, and yet it was neither a plane, nor a satellite, in short I think that it was a flying machine but I still ignore which one. As there are still no certainty about extraterrestrials and another life on other planets, I refrain to draw conculsions, I am a person with both feet on the ground, but if my testimony can bring something to you...

So I was 14 years old when I saw this craft, we were in May 1994, I think towards the 23rd or 24th, I do not remember any more the very precise date, but it is certainly very near this margin of dates. The weather was beautiful the sky wasvery clear, I lived at the time at my parents' in the Moselle in Thionville, we had our door reaching to the garden open as the weather was rather hot, I believe that I went outside during the commercials we were watching a movie, and I thus go outside normally a short while, when I call my father so that he looks at the sky, indeed a very large craft passes above our heads moving very slowly, it did not fly very hight and that is why we knew that it was not a plane (My father was a technician in aeronautics so he knows aircraft very well.) The apparatus émitted a deaf noise like a humming sound, it moved slowly thus we had the time to observe it, we were amazed, astonished a little but not to frighten, I would say that it was very large it was vaguely triangular, I heard a lot of talk about these triangular objects flying but all are rather small and seen from far away as far as I can sometimes see on the Internet, or as far as I hear. That which flew or rather hovered above us was very large even gigantic, larger than a house and flat especially flat at the lower part, it is actually all that we could see of the apparatus only the lower part since it flew above us and that we could not see it coming from a distance. Below the machine hundreds of small light lit it rather faintly, that was not strong nor dazzling, the lights as I remember were red, whitish/yellowish, and one at the front of the craft was green, I do not remember any more if it flickered, on the other hand I remember well the deaf noise of the object. So we looked at it long enough moving very slowly, then we went inside. At the time I remember that with my father we had reassured ourselves that it was a blimp, but I am sure that it was not one, quite simply because it was a black night and the apparatus was much larger than a blimp and a pilot would not have seen enough with the weak light that it emitted, and then also by its slowness and its flight too low.

Maybe you can fiund files of this apparatus, for I am not the only one to have seen it that day, but we did not have the presence of mind to photograph it, although I think that the photograph would not showed much, we would have needed to own a very good camera, and at the time we did not have a video camera, my uncle who lives a small village of hionville also saw it that evening there like these neighbors, moreover the next day the regional newspaper "Le Républican Lorrain", made a small article about it, I even believe FR3 Lorraine came to see a neighbour of my uncle the next but in vain although he had seen it. The day afterwards nobody wanted to talk about it seriously anymore.

In short that's it I know that other people of other area saw one of these apparatuses, I do not know if they were really like the one I saw, I have only my word, and I hav never seen neither films, nor photographs showing it, maybe when I reconsider it this apparatus could have resembled but much roo large a Stealth this plane of the army because of its flat look. But I do not think that it could have been one of these kind of planes why would it have flown over in our area?

I hope that this testimony can be useful to you.

Best regards

Mrs [Name, Firstname]

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