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Basic indications:

Date written:May 23, 2008
Date received:May 23, 2008
Date published:June 9, 2008
Date of sighting:About 2006 - 2007
Place of sighting:France, driving to Commentry
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: UFO sighting
Date: May 23, 2008
From: [firstname] [namefirtsname]


Except to my husband I never told what happened to me. I admit that by telling you this I especially seek to receive an explanation!

To tell the truth and although this happened to me about 1 year and a half it is by seeing a video by chance on dailymotion that this "story" worries me again.

It happens that on the video in question I had the incredible surprise to see the same "thing" that I had seen, but really exactly the same thing.

See this video :

You will see exactly what I saw at 00:52 on the video and just like on the video it was daytime.

I was in the car, alone unfortunately, and I was going towards the town of Commentry for shopping. It was approximately 06:00 p.m. (I alas did not keep the date in memory) and it was still daylight.

On my left my glance was attracted by what I thought of being a plane of white color. Completely normal except that I nevertheless told myself "wow it flies bloody low, it must be a small plane like the small planes which one sees for parachuting ".

While looking there better I started to see that the form was not at all that of a plane and then with the open pane I did not hear anything and did not see exhaust fumes either. I acknowledge to have told to myself "you're hallucinating poor girl".

It had a roundish form on the top and this round seemed metallized with below a thin black base. I could not say which distance from me it was, maybe one kilometer.

I continued to drive and looked intermittently at this object, it was dead on in my left window and then it became weirder, as despite every turn on this road, the object was ALWAYS in sight with my window (except when there were trees) what really frightened me, for it is really obviously impossible that a plane which you observe finds itself under the same angle of sight as you are moving. I do not know if I am quite clear in what I describe.

If a plane is in your line of sight and that it has a straight trajectory and that you are on the road, inevitably there would be times, when a turn is taken, when it is not found any more in this same fields of vision. But this object there was in my window during 15 km and this in spite of the turns!!!!!!! I was really afraid, it was as if it followed me from a distance.

Arrived at the accesses of Commentry it disappeared, I turned my head and it was not there any more. While leaving car to the store I realized that my legs did not carry me any more. It is stupid to say but with the stories that you sometimes sees in movies, of abudctions by aliens I believed this was going to happen to me.

I add that I never drink alcohol and do not take drugs either.

Today I regret not having gone to the gendarmerie but I was too afraid that they think I'm a crackpot!!!

But this is not all. That might have nothing to do with it but it is also something which disturb us my husband and I.

I have 5 dogs and one of my bitches gave birth to 7 pups.

The day after I saw this object, one of our pups disappeared from the kennels (coincidence, you will tell me).

We thought it was stolen, but why only one pup and especially why did 5 adult dogs not bark whereas usually they bark like mad, we did not hear anything, I however I don't have a profound sleep at all.

We then thought that that could be a marte [marten] that would explain the fact that only one pup was taken. But there still the dogs would have howled like nutcases.

There when it becomes strange it is that the pup in question reappeared after some days. In full shape! so I'm telling you, we still wonders what occurred?????

Do you have an explanation for me?

(should you use this testimony thanks for not telling my name, thank you)

[Name] [Firstname]

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