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Basic indications:

Date written:April 14, 2008
Date received:April 14, 2008
Date published:May 1, 2008
Date of sighting:Maybe 2005
Place of sighting:France, Corsica, Bastia
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for. Possible helicopter.

The report:

Date: April 14, 2008
From: [Pseudonym]

Hello. Here it is my name is Pascal and I live in Bastia on the Corsican island who is a large French island in the méditeranans sea. I saw on your website that you want that people send there UFO stories to you.

Here is it approximately 3 years ago now, I am really sorry but I really do not remember the exact date I was with my mother on the terasse we smoked a cigarette and looked at the mountain (Bastia is a city wedged between the sea and the mountain) becaus opposite our terasse one sees the large mountain which dominates the city, on the top of this mountani there is a very large antenna of approximately 6 be 10m in height to receve the television and the radio and an old military base which is closed but which remains inaccesible.

Finally we looked at the mountain it was night and there we saw something appearing at the top of the mountain, we did not see it arrive however in the black one would have to see an object with so much light arrivin from far and it is not the case. This object had an oval and black form it seems to me with many small lights, it remained at the top of the mountain right at the top of the antenna during approximately 30 seconds to 1 minutes before dissapearing. The object only remained ath the top of the mountain and it turned on the spot and it is that which made my mother and I a bit frightend because from where the object was located it could see all the town of Bastia and the south of its suburbs and quite a number of telivision and radio communication reach us by this antenna.

I might be a bit paranoid but I always thought that there was another specis that us in the univers and if it is true that what we see is extra terrestial I thought that if these craft appeared at the top of the cities the more often and not in the countries that must surely have a reason. And I know that in Corsica approximately 1h of Bastia there is a military base which is used for the French and with the Belgians for the interceptors then Calvi another town of Corsican has a very large military regiment of the foreign army [Foreign Legion] of France of which many paratroopers. It may be that my opinion does not interest anyone but here if I wanted to envade a country I initially would try to located the big cities or the cities and the strategic places (places of communications, large motorway, large ruban areas, amries bases etc) before doing anything... I jope to get an answer very soon and I am sorry to speak so much and I hope that my testify that I assure you true might help you, good day.

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