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Basic indications:

Date written:January 22, 2007
Date received:January 22, 2007
Date published:September 25, 2008
Date of sighting:January 19, 2007
Place of sighting:Canada, Laval
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Firstname, initials, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for. Probable plane.

The report:

Subject: UFO sighting
Date: January 22, 2007
From: KnH[etc] [pseudonyme]
Attachments: IM000340.jpg (1.59 MB), IM000340.jpg (1.59 MB)

UFO in laval ( st-francois )

Hello to you !!! i wanted to give you one more piece to the gigantic puzzle of the UFO topic and here is our stoys min and my ex girlfriend i also atached 2 photo that you can analyze their is no trickery however the luminous trail remains an enigma ... probably the speed .

My name is [Firstname] i'm 19 and i use no drug and my ex girlfriend neither ( someone i totaly trust ) and that even after haved left we dont lie to each other ... the pictures were taken with a hp photosmart 435 Camera

It was three day ago on Friday January 19, 2007 at about 9 Laval ( st-francois ) in the evening i was on the phone with her and we talked of UFO phenomenon ... and i was in montréal et she was in laval ( st-François ) we watched the stars i saw a star all alone in the sky and i said to myself that it must be the northern star inded she saw it too but she then told me of a second star ... more brillant and really much slower she sais to me about the height of the trees she stayed there during atleast 5 minutes without moving and i saw nothing ... if you know montréal and st-François are not very far ... and as of the star i would have seen it so she undesrtod its different and she took a photo from the inside of her house the flash automaticaly disturbed the objet that rose up very fast and left to the left very fast she only had the time to take 2 photos and then the objet dissapeard.

I was on the phone with them during this time and i can GUARANTEE on my honnor that this story is true and no editing of the image was done.


[firstname] [Initials]


The two pictures were indeed taken with an HP Photosmart 43x series camera, an exposure of 10 seconds and 8 seconds, but the date stamp is January 4, 2003, 05:20 a.m. and 05:21 a.m. The date discrepancy is probably due to the fact that the camera date and time were not set up.

The images are unusable and to save long downloads I only show a reduced version with the "UFO" in insert. The "UFO" appears just like any distant plane might appear, the "trail" is due to the camera motion, the green and red wingtips flashing navigation lights are pratically visible.

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