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Basic indications:

Date written:February 19, 2007
Date received:February 19, 2007
Date published:September 24, 2007
Date of sighting:1999
Place of sighting:Quebec, Canada
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, third party name and firtsname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: Ufo in Quebec in borad Day Please I do not want to hear from you ,I'm gonna check on your website if you read my email .
Date: February 19, 2007
From: [name and firtsname of other person, pseudonym]@sympatico.ca

-I am it seems to me the only witness : [Male firstname] [Name] aged 26 .

-Aged 19 in 1999

- I do not remember the date bit i remember the rest it changed My Life !

-It was 01:30 p.m. aproximateley

-Place: in the yard ofthe house of my parents which surrounded by high hedge of ceddar trees of 10 foot and the dimension ofthe yard is 40 by 60 feet approximately.

-The sky had a few small clouds .the wether was fine .
-the object was very high ,just a bit lower than the clouds .
-The object was metalic grey , almost chromed of oval shape like a plate

-The object is silent and it scintliated the light of the sun I believe and it blinded me 2 second approximateley

Report :

I am practicing karate and handling the nunchaku which is is chomed metal .

It's allright ,Im giving kicks with a mix of nunchaku hits.

My concentration grows and the speed of my kicks too ,I think about nothing ,i follow the mov and it's energy .

When all of a sudden i fell i'm being watched ! But really stared at , Scrutinized , but from Where !

I look around me , i observe the windows ofthe house to check if its my mother watching me ,because she was the only one in the house .

I saw no one ! I LOOK AT THE SKY i think i see a blimp initially ,but it doesnt resemble and it doesnt move and makes no noise .

The object changed slope and there I saw well that it was a disc! And I had a feeling TO BE REALLY SCANNED,I'BE NEVER HAVE SUCH a FEELING. I start to be AFRAID and the UFO dessends slowly and in a fury I start again to use the nunchaku to show them what I am Capable of ! I try to leave all my fear,i move a lot to the Maximum,IT held me in an unbearable feeling of observation as if it KNEW HOW I felt! All of a sudden I stop to look and the UFO rocked and it blinded me with the light of the sun. I believe! With hand,i hide my eyes and I move to try not to be any more in the angle of it's reflection. IT stopped dazzling me! It was motionless when i saw it again,then it made a SUPER FAST ZIGZAG! Then it disappeared, all at once the pressure that they did to me goes away all of a sudden! I run away in the house to tellwhat I saw, I bang the door and my mother was doing the laundry,i asks her whether she saw something! she says did you look at yourself youre white as a sheet!

it was teribly difficult to get some sleep and i looked for information on the matter, i never read so much, it was amolst an obsession an i was afraid to sleep !

Til the day when i made a a dream where i saw those who had observed me return in the house to come to free me from my fear!
I know that those that saw me dont mean any harm to me!

My dream starts as follows: I dream that my mother awakes me to tell me that they came!

I ask her who came ? she says : look by the window and see that the sky has become a black mettalic cage with blu lights !

Ma mère dit ensuite de venir dans la cuisine . . .

I return in the kitchen I see my father my sister and my mother who has just sit herself and I look at by the glazed door, TWO BIG WOMEN with large Blackr eyes with a small nose a small mouth and a head larger than ours, one with long hair black to the chin and they wear a yellow and blue outfit.

They are very thin and are hurled and move gently. At once when I see them, my legs become numb and I see them who enter by the door and my family look at me frozen. I fall on my knees and one of them approaches me looked at me with a small smil leans and grabs my arm and with her large fingers she touches my Forehead! In one moment all my fear, .... SHE took it away!

I awake in tear released of my fear after several years of research on myself and on the phenomenon,it made me grow aup!

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