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Basic indications:

Date written:July 28, 2010
Date received:July 28, 2010
Date published:August 2, 2010
Date of sighting:1995
Place of sighting:Alsace, [city]
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, company, email address, mail address, phones, Air Force stations names and codenames and locations
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subjet: Seen at close sight
Date: July 28, 2010
From: [company] [pseudonyme]@[company].eu

Hello Sir,
for several years, I brrowse your website and I can only congratulate you on the accomplished work.

Texts photographs and videos which abounds there are of an interest more than omportant and what pleases me especially it is the "neither hot nor cold" of your comments, finally an objective and responsible website and who invites to the true reflexion, even to a more intelligent and enlightened outlook on the UFO question.

Much applause

Here is what I can deliver today:

I was a witness, as an intelligence officer in the AF during several years, of certain phenomena encountered by pilots.

Here is one of 1995 which remains very clear in my memory:

Alarm horn following a message of German contollers announcing a "blip" entering airspace course east towards west north west.

Two plane Mirage F1 CT type in PO in the western hangarettes of the base armed "bons de guerre" [war-ready].

Those, took off in PO (ops patrol) on radar alarm of the "strida" system and order from the base control in middle of the night. I was then on "night flight" survey duty at the [military airspace control spot] for my quarter from 0030 to 0600. The puirsuit of the "target" taking place above southern Alsace, west north west direction, altitude 8000Feet (2500 meters); then catch of level towards the altitude 21000 (7000 meters). duration of the interception approximately 7 minutes.

The most puzzling, is that all the leader's and the winger's on-board systems were "out of function", with no human action being at its origin. On the command of the control ([Control code name], you can't make that up...) the two craft applied the ermergency procedures and connected the systems on "help". The integrity of the two aircraft not being in danger, the continuation of the mission seemed however extremely compromised.

the leader connected the back-up systems, as well as the emergency generator to supply the secondary instruments and to make his patrol return to the ground without damage imitated by the winger.

The airborne radar of the leader having been put on default (normal within the framework of a PO) under "survey / telemetry " (cyrano) recorded and located the "blip", allowing an interception on the axis Strasbourg Colmar, on 25 km at the speed of 380 Knts.the whole controlled by several radars, of which that of space watch of the TMA (traffic and peripheral survey)of the base of [city].

at approximately 4 to 5 km of the target, failure everywhere in the cockpits... passage to night lighting of the cocpkit failed, HUD failed, onboard radio failed, conduit of radar tracking failed. it didn't miss much to get it all crash down and the two buddies die in the middle of the night abov the Vosges...

Only functioning items:

hydraulics (normal and backup circuit)
engine (normal, mechanical operation of the Mirage F1 engine...)
backup compass (independent from onbord systems)
backup power generator (sinc it is sperataed from the main operation system of the plane)

ANd, this must be noted, the onboard camera, because electromecanic with tape, and nondigital (a chance)

The target joined and reached did not try any avoidance. Visual on the target for almost 4 minutes, distance very complicated to evaluate because of absence of any functioning means of measurement (radar off-function, self-protection system off function, because controlled by the weapon system / digital data bus on the mirage F1 CT). speed of distancing at the end of 4 minutes estimated at Mach 2, then "tremendous" acceleration until complete disappearance western axis.

The report of the leader CNE M..... whom I personally debriefed on his return, with several officers COL D... chief of [unit] at that time, as well as the the L-COL controlling the "Alsace" squadron is very clear on this point. Very sharp orange light, scintillating, changing sometimes to rosy white. No attempt of distancing or collision, rectilinear axis to the west norts west rather slow speed, in deceleration before taking western axis then disappearance. (the recopy of the recording tapes gave 160 Knts. (X 2.8 what gives approximately 500 km/h). the leader then extended his wingflaps to 10░ in order to stabilize the plane and to gain in bearing pressure to follow the target. The winger could realize that and imitated his chief for the anti-collision lights were on (green white red) on the help power circuit 1.

On his side, the winger then passed below on the right behind the "target", the leader remaining left wing. The winger then managed to better describe the "thing", as being very brilliant, not oscillating, and of a sizeable dimension of approximately 6 m to 8 meters in diameter. saucer shaped. sharp orange at the top, rosy white on the lower part. no engine gass emission nor IR signature, not visible exhaust conduits.Nothing.

A "camera shot" was then taken on the target by the winger in the axis of reaching, from the left towards the right. No radar recording possible, nor visual recopy on the HUD. (on-board sight not functioning) for catch of the target.

The sharp light of this phenomenon did not light the cabin of the two planes, and was not dazzling just sharp and very brilliant. At this time, both F1 are on the right and on the left in withdrawal from the "target" After the disappearance of the "objet", return to the base by the shortest rail, join of axis and descent with the firemen, all gyro lit, barrier at the end of track ready to... "just in case". A F1 mirage slows down well... without electricity

M..... cqame down pale, R.. no better.


-2 cyrano2 radars roasted (electronic apparently bombarded but how? that thing is only working as an emitter) directional antenna in good condition.

- All the breakers (circuit breakers) of the on board system were on "started" (sign of a very big overload!). the pilots not being able to handle them, and due, F1 is a narrow plane and the breakers of the plane's systems are in the trap door of the nose gear on this model, exept the vital ones or the essential ones which are in the cockpit, right back side they were on "on".

- a recopy and a recording radar from [control station codename] and the [tracking station] of [city] showing well the road and the altitude of the "object" only and then of the "object and F1" in "patrol" flight if you will... two turns of antenna later, there remained nothing any more but two broken down F1 in the sky... (one antenna turn equates to one second)

- two pairs of cotton knees shaking at the coming down of the ladder [of the jets by the pilots]

- a hangar siren which had to be shut down by hammer hits, for it would not stop anymore (nothing to do with the phenomenon)

But! a splendid videotape showing the phenomenon well. It was given as well as my report and that of the two pilots to a responsible authority, according to what I was told several days later impossible to copy it, and I badly saw myself doing it, having signed the secrecyacts for 10 years at least (confidential and defense secret).

That's it.

nothing very new in this small testimony, exept that in the AF one sees quite a number of these little unexplainable things. at least on our radars sometimes. And that there is a crowd of pilots and controllers who would have things to tell.

this testimony for you only please.

Good continuation.

[NAME] [Firstname]
[Mail address]

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