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Flying saucer seen by man in Courcelles-lès-Lens, France, the 1970's:

Basic indications:

Date written:March 10, 2015
Date received:March 10, 2015
Date published:July 19, 2018
Date of sighting:About 1973 or 1975
Place of sighting:France, Pas-de-Calais, Courcelles-lès-Lens
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: UFO
Sent on: March 10, 2015
By: [Firstname] [Name] ([name].[Firstname]

Mr GROSS, good morning

Your various reports on UFOs get my full attention.

I am a Cartesian mind, a scientist like you [1], a retired pharmacist, a private airplane pilot in my adolescence (200 HOURS OF FLIGHT), and having done my military service as a conscript at the ISTRES air base, known for the presence pf fighter planes and the DASSAULT test center

I saw almost every day go out on mission this famous mirage IV atomic bomber. This is to tell you that I am not a weirdo, but a retiree who remains intrigued without any explanation of what I saw in the years 75 ( between 73 and 75 I do not remember exactly)

The facts :

With my parents, an uncle, aunt boy cousin and girl cousin we saw above courcelles les lens (62) small town between douai (59) and lens (62), around 7 p.m. in a clear and perfectly blue sky a bizarre THING with the shape like a flat plate turned upside down.

relatively low altitude, rather reduced speed, distance from our view 2 to 3 km, large dimension but difficult to express, of an intense orange color, shining without any other trace of light .This UFO moved by making like turns without any noise without any trail. We observed it for 2 to 3 minutes, then it disappeared in the sky with an unimaginable speed, we did not have time to say WOW that it did not exist any more

hyper disturbing!

A few days later, we learned through the regional press (a half-page in nord eclair and in la voix du nord a small inset) that we were several hundred people to have seen this phenomenon, the air traffic controllers of the airport tower of lesquin in lille also saw it but nothing on their radar screen. They were therefore at a distance of 15 KM in straight line.

The gendarmes of leforest (62) and those of ostricourt (59) or pont en marcq (59) received an incredible number of phone calls and they recorded this event in their minutes.

The GEIPAN report does not speak about it, unfortunately this subject has long been a TABOO in the consevations, I threw the press pages that I had kept in a bottom of drawer. I tried by mail to get closer to these 2 dailies without any success. Maybe you have this information?

Yesterday watching a TV show on this stopic, I learned that the US President, REAGAN had twice been confronted with this phenomenon, once driving in the evening by going to a reception and another time by plane thus with the presence of all the crew, I did not know this story.

That's what made me decide to talk to you about it, not to understand that intrigued me for decades.

for me 3 possible explanations:

   weather phenomenon

   spy plane

   extraterrestrial craft

I abandon the weather because we know all these phenomena and they are predictable.

The spy plane, difficult to resolve to believe that a craft of such a bulky shape, without noise, without any drag, moving at such a slow speed at low altitude without stalling and an ascending speed beyond our physical knowledge.

So for me I accept, despite myself, to an extraordinary and extraterrestrial solution with an ultra-sophisticated machine;

Scientists tell us that without water there is no life, but would there not be on another planet a vital element which could be substituted for water and which could contribute to the formation of beings far exceeding our achievement?

This vertiniginous climb and silence completely upset me.

I thank you for having had the courage to read me, if possible keep me informed of your investigations

I live in LILLE, if one day you do conferences [2] in our area it will be with a real pleasure to attend

can you confirm to me that you have received my mail and you may have the possibility with all of your friends who are interested in this matter to find the elements indicated in the press. I know that other newspapers diffusing in other regions than the nord have recounted this fact.

Receive my best regards and good luck

[firstname name]
from LILLE

To: Other sighting reports.


[1] I am not a scientist. I passed a "Baccaluretat D" in 1989, I was a schoolteacher, electronics, store manager, software developer, server administrator.

[2] I am not usually giving conferences, I did it very occasionally.

No find in my Press archive so far, but I keep on looking.

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