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Triangular object above Paris, 2008:

Basic indications:

Date written:April 19, 2008
Date received:April 19, 2008
Date published:May 4, 2008
Date of sighting:April 18, 2008
Place of sighting:France, Courbevoie
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Sujet: UFO sighting
Date: April 19, 2008
From: [Firstname] [Name] [firstname][name]@[company].fr
Attachments: 2 attachments trajectory object.jpg (256 KB), representation.jpg (76 KB)


I contact you to report a sighting.

I live in Courbevoie, between Paris and La Défense. I am at a floor and I have a clear sight on all the North-East of Paris.

Yesterday evening, Friday April 18, 2008, at approximately 08:02 p.m., the sky was low, very cloudy, it had just rained in a short but important manner.

I went towards the kitchen when I saw by the window an object in the sky, passing on the right, it went up towards the North-East.

In the first 4 seconds, this object amazed me much for several reasons :

- This object appeared to me particularly close, much more than the planes that usually pass in the sky, and particularly low (visible size +/- 1.5 cm at my arm's length).

- It did not fly at all in an area where I see the planes in normal time, or rather, in this zone the planes fly higher and in the other direction, in fact, that night, none was to be seen.

- - It had a shape and emitted a light without similarity with a plane.

The form was that of a right-angled triangle posed on the largest size that formed the right angle, it was dark and hid the light of the city reflecting on the clouds, one can say that I saw it as against day, although it was dark...

Attached is a photograph on which I represented what I saw. On the photograph (which is not of yesterday evening), the sky is not very cloudy, but it gives an idea of the effect that it produced.

The drawing (1) represents what I saw when the object was the closest, I saw it from the side, a black triangle, and a very white and intense light on all its back. The drawing (2) represents what I saw when it moved away, I saw it from behind, I saw a red light in the shape of a square with a flickering over a 2 seconds period, sometimes 2 flickerings close together.

When it was close, the light was very white, rather strong (it is what attracted my glance) with a change to the red every two seconds aproximately, for a very short period, like a flickering, the light was not directed like that of a projector, but diffuse, like that of a signal.

As it was still rather near, I had the idea to take a telescope to observe it. When I returned (3 seconds at most), there was nothing any more but the red flickering, without the white phase.

I did not succeed in aiming at it with the telescope' For the little I still saw, I filmed it with a digital camera, but on the video one only sees a vague small red flashing point which leaves to the left on the Stadium of France and comes back to the right. The video lasts 2'54'', you see almost nothing.

The observation lasted about 4 minutes in all. It seemed to me that the object did not have a rectilinear trajectory. After the observation, I thought about what I saw, and I traced on a map what seemed to me to correspond to my observation until I did not see it anymore. According to my observation, I saw it crossing about 10km in 4 minutes, which makes a speed of +/- 150 km/h.

The Paris area being over-populated, I hope that there were other observations.

I write this email to you after having much thought about it, and that did not resemble a plane, nor a helicopter. Moreover, I said to mayelf that if a plane had passed so near, I should have heard it in spite of the music. I sometimes here those passing by much higher.

Best regards,

[Firstname] [Name]

PS : the video weighs 25MB, I can send it to you if you wish, but there is not much' it should be treated to clear up the image, one could perhaps see a little better, but I do not have the equipment for that. During all the recording, I could see the flickering in the distance, but it is almost unperceivable on the video.

The attached images:

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