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The Vosges, France, 2004:

Basic indications:

Date writtenJanuary 16, 2004
Date receivedJanuary 16, 2004
Date publishedMay 18, 2005
Date of sightingJanuary 14, 2004
Place of sightingFrance, the Vosges
Original language of reportFrench
Reported usinge-mail
Unreleased informationEmail address
Investigation, additional informationNone
ExplanationNot looked for. Skytracers.

The report:

I discovered your website approximately 2 months ago and it is so far the most complete that I saw. Congratulations. But now let'se see the puprose of this email.

I live in Fontenay, in the Vosges. In the evening of Wednesday January 14, at approximately 07:30 P.M., I saw in the sky at approximately 50 meters of the ground 5 white lights and a sixth, also white, but much more luminous. Instead of returning directly, we decided to make a large detour. Arrived at the place where the UFOS had appeared. But we did not see it/them any more. We moved then towards Girecourt-sur-Durbion. We had to cross a forest and it is at this time there that we had seen a second phenomenon. We stopped to see what it was, Benefiting that there are not other cars on the road; We saw in the sky a light, white, quite conspicuous, which moved, and which seemed to move away more and more, until disappearing. Even believing in UFOS and extraterrestrials, I much doubt that this is of "ET" origin, but rather of UFO origin, as it's explained in the article "it is not funny, it interesting", dated from the 01.16.2004. Moreover I have another witness, my au pair, who drove, but she saw only the 2nd phenomenon, but she does not have any opinion on the UFOS and other ET's. I do not have any explanation to this UFO. This is why I ask you for your opinion.

Notes: the sighting lasted more than 10 minutes, and if this may be related, during the following days, I noticed that several hundreds of crows were present at the place where the ufo / ufos was / were.

So, that'all I hope you will answer my email. Thank you in advance. And to respect my anonymity and by fear of mockeries and insults, Iwill only tell you that I am a 13 year old boy. Thank you.

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