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Two sightings in the south of France:

Basic indications:

Date written:November 15, 2006
Date received:November 15, 2006
Date published:January 2, 2007
Date of sighting:July 13, 2001 and December 13, 2004
Place of sighting:France, Agay and between Cannes and Nice
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Pseudonym, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: UFO sighting
Date: November 15, 2006
From: [Pseudonym]

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Hello Patrick Gross,

I discovered your website a little late and I took a long time to decide to tell you two observations I made. I am impassioned by all mysteries but even more by that which surrounds the UFO phenomenon. I dream that one day it is publicly acknowledged that higher extraterrestial intelligences come to visit our earth. i know that it won't happen the next day but you need hope and I have a great need to fill my heart, my soul and my head of the truth for there are far too many lies in this world... and it is only time that the truth prevails and that we learn some more on this and "those" who surround us. it is for me the best means of learning what we are and to learn more about our origins. finally is not to tell you that that I writes to you but much more to forward my observations. if you wish to discuss this matter with me, I will be delighted.

1st sighting :

July 13, 2001 at approximately 2:30 of the morning in Agay, a small village at the edge of the sea which belongs to the community of Saint-Raphaël.

I was with my ex girlfriend, her sister, and a friend. we were on the heights of agay vis-a-vis the sea and cape esterel. we found the sight so beautiful that we had used to come to this place. when, in the east near a small mountain which bordered the sea we saw something very werd. there was a species of cloud of a purple gleam which was slightly to the blue (almost indigo, with more purple than blue). a few seconds later we saw like electric discharges which left towards the ground that resembled thunderflahes a lot but of orange color. it did not make any noise whereas it was however at 400 m of us! the people who were with me started to be afraid when they suddenly understood that even the crickets had become silent, as if nature had been killed and retained its breath! all was like immobilized, a strange feeling, the air was very heavy and of an almost palpable weight... we had the impression that the thing that we saw had the capacity to "suck" the sound. well here we are this display remained static, without rain nor clouds in the neighbourhoods. there was only that in the sky which surrounded the top of the mountain of a rather spherical form. the purrple gleams and the orange flashes intensified during 5 minutes, and the totality of the display took place in more than 45 minutes... however we had the impression that it had occurred in only 15 minutes and yet we really stayed well more than 45 minutes the nose in the air to contemplate this out of the ordinary display. if other people saw the same thing let them not hesitate to contact me at this address:

2nd sighting :

on December 13, 2004 at approximately 7:20 of the morning on the motorway which leaves Frejus for Nice exactly between Cannes and Nice.

I was in the car with my girlfriend and her stepfather on the motorway. i was in the back of the vehicle and I listened to my mp3 while looking at the magnificient landscape through the rear window. the sun had risen maybe only 30 minutes before and you coud still see the moon in the sky. suddenly I clearly saw an object which was motionless in the sky right beside the place where i directed my attention, i.e. the moon. I saw it near the moon but I knew that it was much closer to me than from the moon. I could see this object only during 5 to 10 seconds before the trees covered the visibility I had. the shape of this UFO has nothing to do with all that I could read or to hear. a shape so peculiar that even in 5 seconds I had time to memorize the least details that I then drew when I arrived to Nice. I could see that the sun reflected against the metallic walls of the UFO. it was as manufactured out of brushed metal with loads of small aspirities which made me thought of markinks but I am not sure. there was also a liht on this UFO, a white lighting, pale. this light gave me the impression that it pulsated. the lighting which was located only on the upper side of the object was of a power comparable to the light of the sun. at least it was more than the reflection of the sun which lit the fuselage of the UFO. I became disgusted with myself not to have seen this bizzare object longer. the object and remained on the spot all the time I saw it! it was at approximately 100 m of me horizontally and vertically easyly at 70 m. after long thinkins on the matter I think that the said object was of approximately 10 m in height and 3 m broad. I attach two drawings for you that are representative of what I saw failing to have been able to film or photograph it. if people saw the same thing, they should not hesitate to contact me at this address:

thank you very much to publish, my 2 drawings concerning the 2nd observation are attached.
publish neither my name nor the address i used to write to you, let only appear the address which is below each observation. a big thank you for your website and the quality of your work. we need more people like you, who seem impassioned and who do a very good work. if I can help you it would be with pleasure. thanks again !!!


The attached pictures:

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