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Shooting star or not? - France, 2005:

Basic indications:

Date written:July 11, 2005
Date received:July 11, 2005
Date published:June 16, 2006
Date of sighting:July 10, 2005
Place of sighting:France, Saumur
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Perfect decription of satellite flash.

The report:

Subject: U(almost)FO sighting
Date: July 11, 2005
From: [Pseudonyme]

Hello Patrick.

My name is Charles and I live in the Maine-et-Loire, I am aged 20.

Since my childhood, space and its challenges fascinnate me.
After a broadcast on France Inter [French national radio station] (possible and impossible stories) approximately 1 year ago about the Moon and dealing with the "monox" [Moonhoax] movement, of the haze around the apollo program (etc), I reconsidered my vision of the subject and undertook some research which guided me to this site. Each day I think that I am on the side of the truth, however I never observed ufologic phenomenena.

I hardly have favorable echoes around me, and I do not have the opportunity to meet more informed people, this is why I felt the need to write to you. The website that you propose attracts confidence, in spite of the "astonishing" nature of the subject... I thus hope, in the flood of emails to precisely find an echo, tiny as it is, and to share my opinion. First of all I make a point of describing my approach, for ufology surely drains as many theoricians than followers and I would like to have your opinion on that one!

So, to me, the world the humans is composed of two types of operations: the routine, and the secrecy (I simplify). The secrecy is fundamental in our world to ensure its stability (military, diplomatic, legal, scientific secrecy (etc), and of course ufologic secrecy). It is this "secrecy" which raised my eyebrow and makes me believe that one or more extraterrestrial civilizations cruise in our galaxy and its systems. Thus, I think that the telluric planets and the satellites (europa or moon type) are places visited many times. The Moon is an incredible natural satellite: the perfect orbital base, as much for men that for others...

In short, the people in the secrecy know in my opinion several things: the americains saw smthing on the moon which made them give up their space ambition in its middle term. What the great space powers know frightens them. The star wars project is a symptome of this fear. Modern mythology on the phenomenon (movies, literature, information, disinformation) proves as much as the ridicule continuously thrown at ufology, that the field is more than "sensitive".

Finally, I consider that humanity must be largely informed for this secrecy does not benefit humanity and that this knowledge is due to any being living on Earth.

That is what I believe it, what I imagine...

To finish with this interminable text, here is my observation:

Yesterday evening (Sunday July 10, towards 0h00 - 1h00, locality of Saumur (49)) I went outside and I looked at stars in quest for a shooting star, with the constant hope to see a flying saucer pass by withn E.T. saluting through the port-hole ;o). After 10 min of observation, I looked towards the SOUTH, I see a gleam grow very high, very far. That gave the impression to me that a star suddenly enlarged (same color etc). I think that I saw a simple meteorite returning in the atmosphere, but never saw a shooting star like this. I begin again: a strong quasi static light occurred, then the luminosity decreased and the "star" seemed to follow a rectilinear trajectory but what intrigues me most is the strong light (round) at the beginning (approximately 1 second or maybe a little more), followed by a very small luminous point which continued its trajectory lasting at least 2sec. I say at least for it seemed to me that the very remote luminous point continued on (like a satellite) but that often happens when one has the head up. There it is, it is the first time that this kind of doubt came on me, but it is surely because I am interested in UFOs and that I am less objective!

I am stopping with this strange shooting star, and cheers for this colossal work which largely contributed to inform me of the phenomenon! I hope that this email holds your attention beyond my small observation. Thank you,

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