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Like a comet, France, 2007:

Basic indications:

Date writtenJanuary 11, 2008
Date receivedJanuary 11, 2008
Date publishedJuly 7, 2009
Date of sightingAbout December 10, 2007
Place of sightingFrance, near LÚry
Original language of reportFrench
Reported usinge-mail
Unreleased informationName, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional informationNone
ExplanationNot looked for. Probable meteor.

The report:

Subject: Ufo sighting
Date: January 11, 2008
From: [firstname].[name]


I am 30 years old, I drive in Burgundy a lot in the most retird countrys, the most wooded, close to Is sur Tille (21).

One morning towards 5 hours, alone, at the wheel of my car, I saw like a comet which came down from the sky at an incredible speed.

The direction of the object was from the sky to the ground, at the time of the impact, there was a huge flash of green light, I believed i dreamd so much impresive it was.

I must have been at several kilometers of the impact I think.

Upon asking for a date:

Subject: Ufo sighting
Date: January 11, 2008
From: [firstname].[name]

Aroximately on December 10. I cannot give all the information because of my job i am in the defense secret need-to-know.

Subject: Ufo sighting
Date: January 11, 2008
From: [firstname].[name]

The morning before 6 hours what is it? Itwas neer lery near the cea valduc. It doesnt stop there its amazing

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