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Kenneth Arnold's sighting

Kenneth Arnold sighting report in the Press:

The article below was published in the newspaper The Rhinelander Daily News, of Rhinelander, Wisconsin, page 7, on August 5, 1947.


Another Saucer Gag --- On the Face of It

Tomaso the tarsier is all upset. On his recent arrival in New York from the Philipinnes, his saucer-eyed face gave rise to the rumour that a flying saucer pilot from Mars had been captured after landing his platter-plane atop the Empire State Building. Tomaso indignatly denies the rumor and wants it distinctly understood that he's not a Martian, but a relative, though remote, of the human race. Besides, he says, it's a mean trick to play on a lttle guy who weighs only eight ounces. He'll live with 34 other tarsiers at the Bronx Zoo.


Though some claim that Kenneth Arnold's sighting was not considered to have anything to do with outer space until ufologists like Donald Keyhoe promoted this idea, only two years later, this is another example that shows that flying saucers pilots from Mars were in the minds of the people immediately after Arnold's report. In this case, it was for humor's sake.

Note that this same article appeared in numerous newspapers across USA.

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