Ufo Videos:


A collection of videos of UFOs flying over metropolitan France.


A UFO filmed over Vinstra in September 1985.

Frame from the video
Location:Vinstra, France
Date:September 1985
Size:72 KB
Length:5 sec


A UFO filmed over Le Luot, France, 1994.

Frame from the video
Location:Le Luot, France
Source:J.L. Lemaire, ufologist
Size:1695 KB
Length:10 sec
Format:MPEG with sound


The text the AFP (Agence France Presse is the main news agency in France) press release: "Thursday, August 13 1998 - 13H01 Paris time, CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES (AFP) - A triangular UFO flying at low altitude over the region of Sedan and Carignan has been observed at the beginning of the week by ca. 150 persons. "In the night of Monday to Tuesday, it was seen descending right over Charleville-Mézières, before performing several circles above some 30 cites or villages in the Sedan region", said on Thursday Jean-Luc Lemaire, the local representative for the Centre d'Etudes OVNI France (CEOF). "Our association received some 150 reports from eye-witnesses, and we also got a video shot during this night by two young video amateurs ", he added. "The engine looked like a large triangle with rounded edges, and one of its angles was directed towards the flight path. It had two red lights in the back and a large white one in the front. These lights were not blinking. Condensation traces were visible at the rear of the UFO which flew at an altitude estimated to 500 m".

Jean-Luc Lemaire, CEOF, France:

"We got only very limited data to evaluate the speed of the UFO, the sound of which was described as low-pitched by several witnesses. It has been observed from midnight to 02H00 (a.m.) and some eye-witnesses had the feeling that it was somehow playing hide-and-seek. It slowly made several circles over inhabited regions, as if it was spying. Then, it moved away and started circling again over another village. Finally, it disappeared behind a hill and was not seen later."

According to Mr. Lemaire, the UFO could not be a stealth fighter because it was flying slowly at low altitude. The UFO could neither be a meteorite (because of the flight trajectory) nor a comet, which would have appeared higher in the sky and almost nonmobile. The very strange loud noise which pushed people to look for the source of it, was neither that of known helicopter nor that of known plane.

"We are left with several hypothesis, such as an optical illusion or a flight of an unknown military prototype flying outside usual plane test ranges. Overall, the trajectory of the UFO was West to Est. We would therefore like to know whether this UFO was seen on the West shores of France, or whether it crossed the Atlantic Ocean."
Frame from the video
Location:From Sedan to Charlevilles, North-East of France
Date:11:37 am Paris time, August 10, 1998
From:Centre d'Etudes OVNI-FRANCE
Size:5819 KB
Length:64 sec

According to Cercle Zététique it was a plane ( http://www.zetetique.ldh.org/ovni_ard.html )

According to an investigator of l'Ufocom ( http://www.ufocom.org/UfocomS/charlevilles1.htm http://www.ufocom.org/UfocomS/charleville2.htm http://www.ufocom.org/UfocomS/charleville3.htm http://www.ufocom.org/UfocomS/charleville2.htm "So far, considering the "characteristics" of the object in the Ardennes, it seems difficult to me to see [...] a high strangeness in it."

An article by CNEGU in their magazine is mentioned on their website at http://francine.cordier.club.fr/pages/souspagemde5.htm

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