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The Varginha affair:

Read all about the unbelievable story of a UFO crash in the city of Varginha, in Brazil, April 1997, the capture of aliens by the military, the participation of the U.S. Government and more. Despite the black-out on this spetacular event, the news spread all around the world vers fast, only to dissolve in mediatic oblivion. Here his a collection of documents and testimonies about this case.

Drawing of the Varginha EBE


UFO Magazine, Issue #45, August 1996:

Ufologist Claudeir Covo: "Although the military and civilian authorities deny everything, several sources have decided to talk. One of these sources affirms that a local farmer killed one of the beings with a gun."

"Another source said he saw a lot of military people on plain clothes, tracking the little Jardim Andere woods, in Varginha. One of these men would has shot, for three times, an alien creature in the chest, killing it almost instantaneously. The gun would be a FAL-type [FAL - Fuzil Automatico Leve, or Light Automatic Rifle] . These situations are still under investigation; we do not have yet recorded testimonies of military sources about these firings, but the investigation is ongoing."

"...Which right the human beings (civilian or military) would have to murder alien beings? What is foreseen in the Brazilian Constitution ? What about the other countries' legislation? Looking through the religious side, what says God's Laws, or the Ten Commandments?".

Ufologist Marco Antonio Petit: "Recently, new information [on the Varginha case] started to arise, including the one who says there are metallic fragments of a crashed spaceship, which documents this mysterious aspect of the case. This material may be connected to the UFO sighted at daybreak of January 20th 1996, because it was releasing something that seemed to be smoke, and it moved slowly."

"We live the last moments of a process that will put our Humanity face to face with a reality that we may not be prepared to face. Fifty years of lies may lead a considerable part of the population into an abyss (...). Something very important will happen in the next years and the Governments must assume their responsibilities, while they still can do something, because time is running..."

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