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The Varginha affair:

Read all about the unbelievable story of a UFO crash in the city of Varginha, in Brazil, April 1997, the capture of aliens by the military, the participation of the U.S. Government and more. Despite the black-out on this spetacular event, the news spread all around the world vers fast, only to dissolve in mediatic oblivion. Here his a collection of documents and testimonies about this case.

Drawing of the Varginha EBE


Article by Vitorio Pacaccini.


Risking life to investigate the case:

Many people who didn't believe in anything about UFOs started - at least - to suspect of something wrong after the case blew wide open. Everything is becoming very controversial. We know, for instance, that after we made that press conference mentioning the names of the military folks involved with the case, military officers have already came from Brasilia to Varginha. Nobody ever imagined the things would reach this point. Even within the Armed Forces everything was hot-like-fire. The officers were crazy to know who had spread information that were not to be spreaded. One of our witnesses asked not to talk to us again, because was afraid of being "eliminated".

(...) Our phone lines and the lines of other Brazilian ufologists are tapped. We received a recent confirmation of it, from secure sources. We are afraid that something happens to us. (...)

It is much likely that the phone line of CBPDV [Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research, which edits Brazilian "Revista UFO"] is also tapped, because everyone knows that the ufological information always converge to this magazine. (...) The ufologists only now are realizing the seriousness of everything. We have always condemned the worldwide UFO cover-up plan and the Roswell case manipulators, but we had never faced before constituted powers, national and close to us.

SECRET OPERATION - (...) I know I'm not lying about this case, I'm absolute sure of what I'm saying and the truth must be revealed. There isn't in the Brazilian Constitution one single article that prohibits the ufological research and that's enough reason for us to continue. (...)

If there is the possibility for us of being sat over an atom bomb, what about the future of ufological research, that has been fighting against this secrecy for over 50 years ? (...) Everything has always been done in absolute secrecy. However, to our luck, this time the information leaked out. We know the situation here is very dedicated, but this is NOT gonna stop or hinder our investigation.

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