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The Varginha affair:

Read all about the unbelievable story of a UFO crash in the city of Varginha, in Brazil, April 1997, the capture of aliens by the military, the participation of the U.S. Government and more. Despite the black-out on this spetacular event, the news spread all around the world vers fast, only to dissolve in mediatic oblivion. Here his a collection of documents and testimonies about this case.

Drawing of the Varginha EBE

Opinion of Brazilian Ufologists:

Varginha Case: the beginning of a new era in Brazilian ufology - by A.J.Gevaerd.

"The Varginha Case is a breakthrough in Brazilian ufology. To our happiness, it happened right there, in Varginha, Minas Gerais, involving two researchers that, besides serious, honest and very dedicated to Ufology, live and know deeply the southern Minas region and its people. What if it hadn't occurred at Varginha?"

"The Varginha episode is a clock bomb whose wick was lit by these brilliant researchers. A bomb that put on alert all the Brazilian UFO community. Never, in all Brazilian ufology history, the researchers have been so united, from South to North, seeking together the same truth. This truth, when totally known, will change the face of Ufology itself and the way we look to the UFO Phenomenon."

"On the other side, this will be also the first step towards a global change of consciousness regarding this subject, perhaps starting here in Brazil, the birthplace of so much richness - among them Ufology."

Irene Granchi:

"The case presents a new angle in ufo research. I believe in its authenticity, because I interviewed the three girls who saw the being and they're NOT lying. I have known ufologist Ubirajara Rodrigues for many years and I trust in his work and seriousness. "

"What we have here are many circumstantial evidences. Thus, we realize that the case is very well documented with these evidences. Regarding UFO cover-up, I think the military authorities don't have the right to do this, because we live in a democracy."

Varginha Case is bigger than Roswell - by Reginaldo de Athayde:

"The Varginha Case is one of the most important UFO cases ever happened in the entire world. I see we have something superior to what happened in Roswell. I hope our friends, researchers from Minas Gerais state, join the other ufologists in order to get what we always desired: to prove the reality of UFOs, the existence of these mysterious objects that come here to visit us."

Case increases Ufology's credibility - by Claudeir Covo:

"Without any doubt, Varginha Case is the case number one in Brazil. The seriousness that the researchers are showing when conducting the information and the work itself increase the credibility of Ufology. If we consider only the quantity of information already compiled, the richness of details and the several witnesses that have already appeared, we see that this case let Roswell very little."

"The Roswell Case took about 30 years to become known to the public, while Varginha's leaked out at the first days. The researches are very well conducted, with several military testimonies in our hands, besides many contradictory authorities statements given to the press. This proves there is a cover-up process. these military witnesses had the courage to trust in the researchers, revealing what they knew and secretly recording it in video, giving important details."

Varginha Case: There is still a lot to be said - by Edson Boaventura Jr.

"It's the most important case of Brazilian Ufology and also worldwide, due to its implications. I'd say that even Roswell cannot be compared to Varginha Case which is bigger than it. I say this because I know that what has been shown by the media is only a short part of what exists. There is still a lot to be said, but this didn't happen yet because some details, if revealed, could identify the military witnesses. Because of this ethical reason, the researchers involved in this investigation are NOT revealing all the information they have."

"Once I'm very close to the investigation, I see that the research is well documented, with testimonies of civilian and military witnesses that prove what happened on January 20th and on the following days. Even now, several months after the case, there are many details still coming up to the surface, as many other witnesses gain courage and start to reveal what they know to the researchers."

The strangest aspect is the alien physiology - by Ricardo Varella Corrêa:

"The most important in this case are the little details connecting information from different sources, which are checking to each other. For instance, the ammonia-like smell felt either in the place the girls sighted the being, either in the city's Hospital. We also have to consider the great movement of military vehicles which is not common."

"However, the strangest aspect is the creature's physiology, different from anything else ever seen. It is strange, because what we know about ETs is that they are very independent and, sometimes, even aggressive, whereas the Varginha creature had no reaction, seemed motionless. This had never been reported in the entire world. A hypothesis that is being considered by the ufologists suggests that the creature is some sort of 'animal-probe', put on Earth to gather some information."

The military involvement in Varginha Case - by Marco Antônio Petit:

"I had knowledge of this case through the media. Since then, I've made many contacts with researcher Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues, who informed me it was really serious, involving a very strong cover-up operation. I' ve been in Varginha twice. There, I confirmed that this was the most important case of the Brazilian Ufology. I had the chance, one of the times, of being face to face to one of the military witnesses, who was directly involved with the operation. His testimony was extremely striking, showing the richness of details that involved the being capture. We have to support Pacaccini and Ubirajara's work, in a definitive way, because this case is unique."

"To our happiness, there are military people who are NOT liking and disagree with this cover-up process. They're looking for us spontaneously, in order to say what they know. We know for sure that many things are gonna happen as the case unfolds."

There are also EVIDENCES OF A RECOVERED SHIP in Varginha - by Rogério Porto Breier:

"In the beginning, I heard about the case through the news gathered by GUG [Guarujá's (in State of São Paulo) Ufological Group]. On May 1996, I had the opportunity to go to Varginha. I thought it was too early to call these creatures as aliens, because there were no evidences they came from a ship."

"Now, there are also evidences that a ship was recovered in the place. I think it's very likely, because only two or three days after the girls have sighted the being, Bandeirantes TV AIRED A REPORT on this subject: some people would have observed the RECOVERY OF A CREATURE FROM THE WRECKAGE OF AN OBJECT CRASHED in Varginha. This report fell into forgetfulness. It would be interesting if the ufologists checked it out, because nobody spoke a word about this anymore."

Alien was autopsied by a Unicamp team - by Eduardo Mondini:

"I'm close to the investigations, helping Ubirajara and Pacaccini with information from Campinas. We're verifying the involvement of Unicamp (University of Campinas) and of IML (Instituto Médico Legal - Institute of Legal Medicine), and we suspect specially that the legist Badan Palhares has been heading the necropsy studies on the creature. We have no doubts that the ET was brought to Unicamp and then autopsied."

"We managed to contact the IML and the Army's quarter in Campinas, but both authorities deny the exhumation. However, we found a military from Campinas who allegedly saw a document over his commander's desk, proving the ET had been in Campinas. We got with an employee of IML the information that on January 20-26 1996 there was military movement inside IML, in the Army's private drawers, in order to get a body in or out there."

No touchable evidences - by Daniel Machado de Avila:

"I have been in Varginha for two days last July [1.996] and later in Campinas, and I have interviewed several people from hospital staff and others in Varginha, getting nothing but denials. I see this case can't be considered a strong case at all, since there are no touchable evidences of the alleged capture. Weak testimonies from teenagers, secret testimonies allegedly given by military people (but not shown to the public) and a lot of rumors is all we have to the present."

(Daniel Machado de Avila is a former military man from the Brazilian Air Force and also a renowned UFO investigator from Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. He has already been in England to investigate the crop circles and also in Switzerland to check the controversial Edward Meier's Case out.)

What is hidden behind Varginha? - by Eugenio dos Santos, reader:

"Although everyone is dazzled and thinking the Varginha Case is wonderful, I confess I particularly believe that a lot of information and evidences is lacking to support the participation of the [Brazilian] Army in the ETs' capture. After all, where are those military guys who gave so important testimonies to the ufologists? Why don't they come to the public once and for all? What are the UFO researchers hiding from the public? I think "Revista UFO" [Brazilian UFO magazine] should be more careful at the time it affirms certain things that cannot be proved".

(Eugenio dos Santos is a reader from Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Published in the Brazilian "Revista UFO", #47 Issue, November 1996, page 7, Section "Letters".)

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