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Nikolai Tesla, the man out of time:

Jim Bieberich established this complete list of Nikolai Tesla's U.S. patents.


The list presented here for Nikola Tesla represents the results of a meticulous research project at the Patent Library located in Sunnyvale, CA by Jim Bieberich and is the most complete and accurate record of Nikola Tesla's U.S. patents to be found anywhere. The results have been checked against other leading researchers' works for discrepancies and/or omissions. Not only does this site list all of Tesla's utility patents chronologically by grant date but also includes an alphabetical listing for ease in locating by invention title.

The U.S. Patent Office records state that Tesla held 111 patents, 1 reissued patent, 2 corrections and 1 disclaimer. There is evidence that Tesla held patents in Canada and Great Britain, but these patents tend to be duplications of those existing in the U.S.

Copyright and ackowledgement:

Jim Bieberich notes on his original site:

Copyright © 2000. Web site design by Jim Bieberich, Mall-USA, jim@mall-usa.com, Phone:408-737-6586 "Although information at this site is copyrighted, all visitors are encouraged and have the author's permission to freely use this information for their personal use when quoting information from this site. Use standard recommended bibliography such as from any language handbook for printed documents (term papers, dissertations, books, etc.) or provide a link to this site for internet based documents."

Patent listing in alphabetical title order:

Title: Order: Patent #: Month: Day: Year:
Alternating Current Electro Magnetic Motor36433,700August51890
Alternating Current Motor37433,701August51890
Alternating Electric Current Generator42447,921March101891
Alternating Motor65555,190February251896
Apparatus for Aerial Transportation1121,655,114January31928
Apparatus for Producing Currents of High Frequency74583,953June81897
Apparatus for Producing Electric Currents of High Frequency72577,670February231897
Apparatus for Producing Electric Currents of High Frequency and Potential67568,176September221896
Apparatus for Producing Electrical Currents of High Frequency71568,180September221896
Apparatus for Producing Ozone68568,177September221896
Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy95685,957November51901
Apparatus for Transmission of Electrical Energy87649,621May151900
Apparatus for Transmitting Electrical Energy1031,119,732December11914
Apparatus for Utilizing Effects Transmitted From a Distance to a Receiving Device Through Natural Media93685,955November51901
Apparatus for Utilizing Effects Transmitted Through Natural Media94685,956November51901
Armature for Electric Machines (A. Schmid & N. Tesla)32417,794December241889
Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Mediums99787,412April181905
Coil for Electro Magnets56512,340January91894
Commutator for Dynamo Electric Machines1334,823January261886
Commutator for Dynamo Electric Machines15382,845May151888
Dynamo Electric Machine7359,748March221887
Dynamo Electric Machine17390,414October21888
Dynamo Electric Machine19390,721October91888
Dynamo Electric Machine25406,968July161889
Dynamo Electric Machine or Motor18390,415October21888
Electric Arc Lamp2335,786February91886
Electric Arc Lamp3335,787February91886
Electric Circuit Controller77609,246August161898
Electric Circuit Controller78609,247August161898
Electric Circuit Controller79609,248August161898
Electric Circuit Controller80609,249August161898
Electric Circuit Controller82609,251August161898
Electric Circuit Controller84613,735November81898
Electric Generator55511,916January21894
Electric Incandescent Lamp46455,069June301891
Electric Motor30416,194December31889
Electric Railway System61514,972February201894
Electrical Circuit Controller76609,245August161898
Electrical Circuit Controller83611,719October41898
Electrical Condenser50464,667December81891
Electrical Condenser66567,818September151896
Electrical Conductor57514,167February61894
Electrical Igniter for Gas Engines81609,250August161898
Electrical Meter45455,068June301891
Electrical Meter62514,973February201894
Electrical Transformer75593,138November21897
Electrical Transformer or Induction Device38433,702August51890
Electrical Transmission of Power12382,280May11888
Electrical Transmission of Power13382,281May11888
Electrical Transmission of Power52511,559December261893
Electrical Transmission of Power54511,915January21894
Electro Magnetic Motor8381,968May11888
Electro Magnetic Motor9381,969May11888
Electro Magnetic Motor11382,279May11888
Electro Magnetic Motor23405,858June251889
Electro Magnetic Motor27416,191December31889
Electro Magnetic Motor29416,193December31889
Electro Magnetic Motor31416,195December31889
Electro Magnetic Motor33418,248December311889
Electro Magnetic Motor34424,036March251890
Electro Magnetic Motor39433,703August51890
Electro Magnetic Motor40445,207January271891
Electro Magnetic Motor44455,067June301891
Electro Magnetic Motor47459,772September221891
Electro Magnetic Motor49464,666December81891
Electromagnetic Motor64524,426August141894
Flow Meter1091,365,547January111921
Fluid Propulsion1001,061,142April291913
Frequency Meter1101,402,025January31922
Incandescent Electric Light60514,170February61894
Lightning Protector1051,266,175May141918
Manufacture of Electrical Condensers, Coils, &c73577,671February231897
Means for Generating Electric Currents58514,168February61894
Means for Increasing the Intensity of Electrical Oscillations90685,012October221901
Method of Aerial Transportation1111,655,113January31928
Method of and Apparatus for Controlling Mechansim of Moving Vessels or Vehicles85613,809November81898
Method of and Apparatus for Electrical Conversion and Distribution48462,418November31891
Method of and Apparatus for Producing Currents of High Frequency70568,179September221896
Method of Converting and Distributing Electric Currents14382,282May11888
Method of Electrical Power Transmission24405,859June251889
Method of Insulating Electric Conductors88655,838August141900
Method of Insulating Electric Conductors8911,865October231900
Method of Intensifying and Utilizing Effects Transmitted Through Natural Media91685,953November51901
Method of Obtaining Direct from Alternating Currents26413,353October221889
Method of Operating Arc Lamps41447,920March101891
Method of Operating Electro Magnetic Motors22401,520April161889
Method of Operating Electro Magnetic Motors28416,192December31889
Method of Regulating Apparatus for Producing Currents of High Frequency69568,178September221896
Method of Signaling97723,188March171903
Method of Utilizing Effects Transmitted Through Natural Media92685,954November51901
Method of Utilizing Radiant Energy96685,958November51901
Pyromagneto Electric Generator35428,057May131890
Reciprocating Engine59514,169February61894
Regulator for Alternate Current Motors20390,820October91888
Regulator for Dynamo Elecric Machines6350,954October191886
Regulator for Dynamo Electric Machines4336,961March21886
Regulator for Dynamo Electric Machines5336,962March21886
Ship's Log1071,314,718September21919
Speed Indicator1041,209,359December191916
Speed Indicator1061,274,816August61918
Steam Engine63517,900April101894
System of Electric Lighting43454,622June231891
System of Electrical Distribution10381,970May11888
System of Electrical Distribution16390,413October21888
System of Electrical Power Transmission53511,560December261893
System of Electrical Transmission of Power51487,796December131892
System of Signaling98725,605April141903
System of Transmission of Electrical Energy86645,576March201900
Thermo Magnetic Motor21396,121January151889
Valvular Conduit1081,329,559February31920


Patent # 382,280 (item # 12) includes a Disclaimer
Patent # 511,560 (item # 53) includes a Correction
Patent # 11,865 (item # 89) is a reissued patent for # 655,838 (item #88)
Patent # 1,655,114 (item # 112) includes a Correction

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