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Nikolai Tesla, the man out of time:

Nikolai Tesla

Bibliography and sources about Tesla:

Scientific papers:

LaViolette, P.A. "A Tesla Wave Physics for a Free Energy Universe."
Proceedings of the 1990 International Tesla Symposium, Colorado Springs, CO: International Tesla Society, 1991, pp. 5.1 - 5.19.


"Tesla, the Lost inventions"

AUTHOR: George Trinkhaus
PUBLISHER: High Voltage Press
PURCHASED FROM: Lindsay Publications

Paper, 33 Pages, 42 Illustrations. Describes Tesla's lost inventions in plain, easy to understand English. According to the author, patents are hard to understand. In the illustrations he shows the patent number. Some of the inventions include the Disk Turbine Rotary Engine, the Magnifying Transmitter, the Free Energy Receiver.

"Tesla, Man Out of Time"

AUTHOR: Margaret Cheney
PUBLISHER: Laurel Book by Dell Publishing Co.
ISBN#: 0-440-39077-X
PURCHASE FROM: Tesla Book Co. or Lindsay Publications

Paperback 320 Pages, 8 Pages of Rare Photographs, good biography of Tesla. 30 Chapters plus Reference Notes. Chapter 29 deals with Tesla's papers and what may have happened to them after he died.


International Tesla Society
330-A West Uintah Street - Suite 215
Colorado Springs, CO 80905-1095

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