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Top secret USAF research facilities:

In Southern California:

UFO activity in the Antelope Valley of southern California, near the vicinity of Lancaster, Palmdale and Rosamond is rising. Here, there are three known mysterious research facilities operated by Northrop, Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas, speculated to be testing anti-gravity propulsion systems and other exotic engine designs for new aircraft.

A wide variety of unusual aircraft have been seen flying over and around the area, including glowing discs, triangular shapes, large boomerang shapes, elongated shapes with lighted windows, and small glowing spheres. These range in size up to hundreds of feet in diameter.

Reports from former employees of the above mentioned companies have said that the test facilities are located mainly underground in large, elaborately designed complexes connected by tunnel systems.

These strange facilities in southern California have quite a mysterious (and by some sadistic) reputation. Covert military activity, alien activity, abductions, lost time episodes, and numerous sightings of extremely unconventional aircraft and flying objects are associated with the installations.

Tejon Ranch:

The Northrop facility is known as "The Tejon Ranch" and is sometimes referred to as "The Tehachapi Ranch" by UFO researchers.

It is located in the foothills of the Tehachapi mountains, at the mouth of Little Oak Canyon about 25 miles northwest of Lancaster, California. It is not under restricted airspace. Although the public is told that this is a cattle ranch, no livestock are visible anywhere on the property. UFO researcher Bill Hamilton says that if asked, Northrop Corporation will say that this is an "electromagnetic research facility."

There are large radar or microwave dishes and strange looking pylons to which objects can be fixed, for the purpose of beaming electromagnetic radiation at them. These pylons rise up from underground out of diamond-shaped openings in the middle of long, paved surfaces that resemble aircraft runways, but which are not used by any type of aircraft for landing or take-off.

It is thought that this facility goes down as many as 42 levels, and that tunnels link it to other nearby underground installations in the area.

Hellendale RCS Test Range:

The Lockheed facility is adjacent to what used to be the Hellendale auxiliary airport, six miles to the north of Hellendale, California. This installation also has the "runway" features of Tejon Ranch but also has a visible underground entrance.

The Lockheed facility is known as the RCS (Radar Cross-Section) Test Range but is more widely identified as the "Hellendale facility".

Signs at the perimeter fence of this installation read:


Llano facility:

The McDonnell Douglas facility is located at the now closed Gray Butte airport, northeast of Llano, California. It too has "runways" with diamond-shaped openings through which huge pylons with strange-shaped objects can be mounted and raised to the surface.

These objects sometimes resemble elongated discs or "flying saucers" and have been seen to glow and change colors. Glowing spheres have also been seen by people in the area at night, but the purpose of these is unknown.

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