UFO over Popocatepetl, again an again:

The long awaited eruption of Mexico's gigantic volcano Popocatepetl ("Smoking Mountain" in old Nahuatl language) that took place Monday, December 18, 2000, brought not only fear and uncertainty but also unexpected events captured by merely accident, on several occasions.

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Few people have noticed that the CENAPRED Webcam is available online.

Click here to watch for UFOS for yourself, and may I kindly ask that if you witness UFOS, you save the picture (right click it with your mouse) and send it to me at patrick.gross@inbox.com ?

Please take note that the fixed small colored light you will see in the night are merely stars.

Here are some supplemental pictures saved from the webcam by myself or visitors of this site.

There are now more and more interesting pictures, here are some of them:



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