The Philadelphia Experiment documents:

A letter, allegedly casting doubts on the suicide of her husband, lecturer on the Philadelphia Experiment from his wife.



I am very glad that you contacted me through the internet. My ex-husband, Philip Schneider, had been talking about many U.S. cover-ups, especially the last two years of his life, from 1993 through 1995. He was found deceased in his apartment in Wilsonville, Oregon on 1/17/96, but he had been dead since probably 1/11/96. A rubber hose was wrapped around his neck and the medical examiner has established suicide. However, Philip often said that his life was in danger, that he and his family had been threatened, and if anyone ever said he had "committed suicide" that he had in fact been "murdered".

Besides the unusual circumstances of his death, there were items missing from his apartment that have not been accounted for, such as photographs, notes, books, and metals that he used in his lectures. Also missing, after they were already transferred to my home, are military photographs that were taken from my home months later. My garage was also broken into, but as far as I can tell, nothing was ever taken. When I transferred a suitcase of materials to his friend, Mark Rufener of Seattle, Washington, a black military helicopter hovered over my home in an effort to see who I was transferring the materials to. After Philip's death Al Beliek, a friend of Philip's who helped him begin his talks about the Philadelphia Experiment, came up from Georgia to help me move Philip's apartment items. All in all, it has been a very frustrating and trying experience. I made arrangements with the medical examiner to hold on to samples of Philip's blood and urine so that I could raise the money to have them tested. 11 months later I contacted the ME office to have the samples transferred to a lab, but they were "MISSING".

Philip was a very complex person. He did some things that were not positive in his life, he had a checkered past and our marriage was abusive. In his lectures there may be some "stories" that are probably not the truth, but are a synthesis of his life and information that was given to him by others. The more he lectured, the more people would approach him with new information. He was willing to get up in front of hundreds of people, with his real name, not cloaked by shadows and voice change. He was truly brave. The reason for his bravery came from the fact that the "threat" of death had no meaning to him. He was already dying from Multiple Sclerosis, brittle bone syndrome, chronic back pain, and tumors. His life sometimes included crutches and wheelchairs to get around. He had "mind over matter" techniques. He would wake up in extreme pain, have a full body cast, be in a wheelchair, and then his daughter would come over. Suddenly the wheelchair is put in a corner and his body cast is off, and he is bowling with his family. When he had to, he had great strength. I believe that the reason he wanted to talk out about his experiences was he wanted to make a safer world for his daughter, Marie. He loved her very much, and all of his friends told me how much she meant to him. The only reason he is dead today is because his family was threatened. He either had to submit to their assault against him or have his family murdered. (Details of his murder is from an unusual source. My mother, Jorene, had a psychic channeling and has revealed the details of his murder. She is often times guided by the Holy Spirit, but this is the first such occurrence for her after a visit to my home from Los Angeles, California where she lives.)

Enclosed are the letters I mentioned that were written by Philip's father, Capt. Oscar Schneider M.D. of the United States Navy. I saw the originals. They were yellow with age, had original envelopes, with stamps and postmarks. People who want the truth to be kept a secret have accused Philip of "forging" them. Believe me, Philip was a smart man, but there is no way in hell he could have forged these letters. The security codes alone would have been above and beyond his knowledge. They are authentic letters, and seem to outline the USS Eldridge/Farnsworth, the quaranteening of men into a mental ward in Virginia, the escape of some crew members (7), and the autopsy of crewmember number 9. The item found implanted in crewmember #9 was perplexing to Oscar. This was a medical doctor with the Navy, who had a "Cosmic" clearance (the highest given) who could not identify what he found in the body of this crewmember. He had to write to Dr. E. Condon, in Colorado, for information. Today we can easily recognize these "implants" as transistors. With all of the UFO abductees telling stories of implants being placed into their bodies, the most likely area is behind the eye. That is exactly where Oscar found one of the implants in crewmember #9. Whether on purpose, or by accident, the Philadelphia Experiment had interferance from... who knows what.

Peace be with you.

Please feel free to share this information.


Cynthia Schneider Drayer

7006 S.E. 21 st Ave.
Portland, OR 97202

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