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UFO crash near Niagara Falls in 1992?

A former professor at Temple University in Buffalo revealed the following story regarding UFOs that are frequently sighted above Lake Ontario. On or about April 15, 1992, a large disc shaped craft was observed coming out of the lake around 7:00 AM and flying erratically south towards Lockport, NY. The object appeared to wobble and moved lower appearing to be in trouble. Observers claim it appeared to search for a landing spot, continued to lose altitude and crashed on Campbell Boulevard, a part of Route 270, four miles west of Lockport and ten miles north of Buffalo.

The crash was similar to that seen in the movie "MIB". When the UFO crashed it managed to avoid hitting the cars traveling the road. However, the drivers of the cars stopped to examine the UFO and most waited until the police arrived. The UFO was 100 feet in diameter and 25 feet high. Military, firemen and the police quickly arrived and cleaned up the crash site and cautioned those there not to talk about the incident. Somehow the authorities were able to keep the crash quiet and only family members of those who observed the crash site have been told.

At least, that is how the sory goes on some Internet accounts. I am looking for further information on this alleged crash.

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