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FOIA declassified documents:

This is a US document, declassified because of the US Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) of 1977.

The frequency of UFOs was such that...:


During more than one year, this Air Force Base in New Mexico has collected excellent observation reports of the green fireball phenomenon and of flying discs.

There is no need to highlight this or that word of this letter, there is no unneccessary word in it, it says what it says. I only have this page for now, sadly, as the full report would probably be of some interest also...

Document references:

Title:Summary of observation of Aerial Phenomenon in the New Mexico Area, December 1948-May 1950
To:Brigadier General Joseph F. Carroll, Director of Special Investigations (AFOSI), USAF Headquarters
Date:May 25, 1950
Length:? pages.

The scanned document:

(Transcript underneath for you eye's comfort.)

FOIA document


{Not fully readable parts not transcripted}

25 May 1950

File No. (24-8)-28

SUBJECT: Summary of observation of Aerial Phenomenon in the New
Mexico Area, December 1948-May 1950
TO: Brigadier General Joseph F. Carroll
Director of Special Investigations
Headquarters USAF
Wahington 25, DC

1. In a liaison meeting with other military and government intel-
ligence and investigative agencies in December 1948, it was determined
that the frequency of unexplained aerial phenomena in the New Mexico area
was such that an organized plan of reporting these observation should be
undertaken. The organization and physical localisation of units of this Dis-
trict were most suitable for collecting these data, therefore, since
December 1948, this District has assumed the responsibility for collect-
ing and reporting basic information with respect to aerial phenomena
occurring in this general area. These reports have been distributed to
the Air Material Command, USAF, in accordance with Air Intelligence
Requirements No. 4, and to other interested military and government

2. There is attached, as a part of this summary, a compilation of
aerial phenomena sightings that have occurred mostly in the New Mexico
area and have been reported by this District Office subsequent to
December 1948. This compilation of sightings is not a complete record
of all reported observations, but includes only those in which sufficient
information was available to justify their inclusion. The observers of
these phenomena include scientists, Special Agents of the Office of
Special Investigations (IG) USAF, airline pilots, military pilots, Los
Alamos Security Inspectors, military personnel, and many other persons
of various occupations whose reliability is not questioned. This com-
pilation sets forth the most important characteristics with respect to
each observation and evaluates each sighting into one of the three classifi-
cations, (1) green fireball phenomenon, (2) disc or variation, and (3) probably meteoric.

3. There is also attached an analysis of the green fireball
occurences in this area by Dr. Lincolm LaPaz. Dr. LaPaz is the

{Not fully readable parts not transcripted}

More information about the green fireballs phenomenon, and page 2 of the above report.

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