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FOIA declassified documents:

This is a US document, declassified because of the US Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) of 1977.

Barbadians report several UFO sightings, 1987:

ET? Space junk? Secret planes? Meteorites? The document says:

"Bridgeton, Barbados, September 2. Scores of Barbadians last night reported spotting several Unidentified flying objects in the moonlit sky and press reports today said the glowing balls were also seen elsewhere in the eastern Carribean."

"Eyewitmess on the ground here spoke of seing between four and eighteen slow-moving balls of light with long illuminated tails, gliding horizontally through the sky in a North-South direction over this 166-square miles island. The sightings lasted about 10 minutes, some say."

"Meteorological officials could not explain the objects, but the press quoted a pilot of the regional airline LIAT as saying that while flying at about 8000 feet, a group of objects had passed his aircraft "at terrific speed" -- A large one out front, followed by about five or six others."

"The met office said similar sightings had also been reported in Granada, St. Lucia and Martinique."

Document references:

table cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3" border="0"> Title:BARBADIANS REPORT SEVERAL UFO SIGHTINGS. Origin:CIA To:Numerous agencies Date:September 1, 1987 Length:2 pages. Classification:Unclassified

The scanned document:

Document FOIA
Document FOIA

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