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The Dropas:

Pictures of the stonediscs:

The main page about the Dropas mystery is here.

A drawing made by Chinese archeologists:

The Dropas stonedisks

The same disk as black and white picture, source unknown. The missing fragments match exactly the drawing on the left, the section does not clearly match.

The Dropas stonedisks
The Dropas stonedisks

Another picture of the disk, unfortunately I have no information about this image, which is not bulletproof.

It is said an Austrian engineer had the opportunity to make these photographs in 1974, when he was on a guided China-tour. In Banpo-Museaum in Xian, the capital of the Province of Shensi, he came across two discs which exactly met the descriptions we know from the Bayan-Kara-Ula report from 1962 and upcoming publications. And he could even recognize hieroglyphs in spiral-like grooves but partly crumbled way.

Knowing of the artifacts' background, Mr. Wegerer asked the former managers of Banpo-Museum for more details on the pieces in the showcase. He caused a lot of trouble, because the poor woman didn't know what to say. She was able to tell a complete story about all the other artifacts made from clay, but all she could explain about the stone disc was that they are but unimportant "cult objects".

The Austrian engineer was allowed to take one of the discs in his hand make photographs of both of them.

Mr. Wegerer estimated their weight at one kilogram or two pounds, and the diameter at 28 to 30 centimeters, that's one foot. And there has been all of the details reported: a hole in the center plus strange hieroglyphs. They are not visible here on the photographs, because they are crumbled away partly and - for second reason - Mr. Wegener used a Polaroid camera with integrated flash. This was not quite good for the contrast of the photograph. Peter Krassa got these photographs not before the end of the 80s.

After that, the lady who managed the collection was assigned to another job and completely disappeared. When asked for the artifacts present place in March 1994, the new director told the following: "The stone discs... do not exist, but being extraneous elements in this pottery museum, they were relocated."

The Dropas stonedisks

A different version of the same picture can be found here and there on the web, the difference is that the background has been removed.

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