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In 1962 Professor Tsum Um Nui managed to partially decode and translate the stonedisks and published his findings, which were found so amazing by his colleagues that the academy of sciences in Beijing at first prohibited their public release.

Prof. Tsum Um Nui's report told the story of the Dropa spaceships's crash in the Baian Kara Ula mountains 12000 years ago and their efforts to survive in a rather hostile environment, as they were unable to leave earth again, and how their peaceful intentions have been first misunderstood and how many of them were hunted down and killed by members of the Ham tribe, who lived in the neighboring caves.

Prof. Tsum Um Nui published this report after finally having received permission of the academy to do so, which earned him the mockery of many an archeologist. Saddened by these events, Professor Tsum Um Nui emigrated back to his country Japan, where he died in 1965.

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