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The Dropas disc, a cosmic puzzle?


Message, from:celticx@ime.net
Date:Tuesday, September 2, 1997
Subject:A Cosmic Puzzle

A cosmic puzzle:

The symbols bear a striking resemblance to those found on a curious "plate" purchased in Mussorie in Northern India in 1945 by Dr. Sergei Lolladoff, a Polish Professor of Anthropology and Ethnology (1903-1949). The plate is shown in a black and white photograph that appears in a book called "Sungods In Exile". This book, which I have never seen another copy of save my own, was edited from the works of Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans, M.A., D. Phil, by his secretary, David Agamon, M.A. It was published in Great Britain, after Robin-Evans death in 1974 (as per his request), by Neville Spearman Limited. Driven by his desire to learn more about the plate, Robin-Evans journeyed to the mountains of Tibet in search of the mysterious Dzopa people, the guardians of this and other similar "plates". Professor Lolladoff brought the object to Oxford (where he met and worked with Robin-Evans) so that it could be studied. He described it in considerable detail in a paper in the Journal of Comparative Ethnology:

"Its thickness, they noted, was nearly 2 1/4 inches at the center, and it was nearly 9 inches across. One side was blank. On the other a band ran from the edge inwards to the center, decorated with light reliefs, which lacked artistic merit. Reading out clockwise from the center, where there was a twelve rayed design representing the sun (or a sun), one could see (1) a squirrel-like creature, (2) a band of four shapes, one repeated, the other resembling them in general size, leading the two to guess that they where probably a form of writing, (3) a shape like a lens or a disc seen edge-on, with a line that did not meet its sides, (4) further "lettering", this time in two rows of six, (5) a large headed figure with its head towards the center, (6) two spider-like shapes (possibly small suns or planets?), and (7) what is possibly intended to represent a lizard."

Of further interest - for its size, the plate was remarkably heavy, slightly slippery to touch, grey inclining toward black. It was "so intensely hard that even a diamond pointed drill could make practically no impression." The actual weight of the object fluctuated and was never constant. "Those who tried to read its mystery with a magnetometer reported curious resonances that could not be explained by any internal structures that they could imagine.

One of these physicists suggested that, far from being the handiwork of primitive people, what they held was in fact some highly advanced kind of recording machine." The plate secured by Professor Lolladoff as one of several such plates. The Dzopa, who claimed that their ancestors came from the stars, where charged with preserving the plates and protecting their secret. These people averaged 3-4 feet in height and were in possession of what may have been (according to Robin-Evans journals) a centuries old crashed disc. Please note, the plate pictured in this book is NOT like the ones shown on the Stonedisks of Baian-Kara-Ula website.

After following my compulsion to dig this book out from its storage box, I did a search on Lolladoff - I was shocked to have a site (*) listed containing some information. I would urge anyone interested in this story to visit the web site, there is more information on the Dzopa. Again, the plate that I am talking about is not like the ones pictured. I will scan the picture in the book and send it with a post so that you can compare it with the more recent mystery symbols. Where did the "alien" writing material come from? I have a copy of the JPEG, but no explanation as to how it was obtained, etc. If anyone has any further information, please contact me. I would love to know where the plate is now.

Are the Dzopa gone or might some of them still be living in Tibet? This is a fascinating, and I think, important, story. I hope to find more pieces of the puzzle.

(*) Webmaster note: the web site mentioned might be the one you are visiting now. Or it might be an independent gathering of Dropas material I built up years ago with a rather provocative intention as I pretended that the Dropas themselves speak through the site. See for yourself.

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