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Disk seen from SS Docteur Angier, August 11, 1954

On August 11, 1954, at 20:55 local time near the Yoron-Jima Island in the Pacific Ocean, two civilian witnesses, Mr. P. L. Percharde, electrical engineer and assistant manager of Moeller Shipwrecker Co., of Okinawa, and his assistant Kosei Nakamoto, were on the deck of SS Docteur Angier when they were first attracted to a thin line of blue light in the sky about 300 ft over sea level.

As the light approached the ship from the North East, it became an ellipse and as it came directly over the ship it became a circle. As it was overhead at about 300 feet of altitude above the sea level, the witnesses estimated that the diameter of the disk was about 100 feet.

The center of the disk was jet black and was surrounded by an annular ring. The external edge of the annular ring was blue in color and its inner edge was pink.

After the object reached the ship, it rose vertically and disappeared into clouds at 2000 feet elevation. It agitated and illuminated the scattered clouds.

Because they folllowed the Janap 146 miitary regulation which imposed pilots and seamen, both civilian and military, to report any unidentified flying object to the US Air Force, both witnesses were interviewed by USAF Intelligence. The USAF intelligence officer who prepared the Air Intelligence Information Report drew a sketch of the sighting based on the interrogations of the two witnesses. Figure 21 shows the diagram made by the US Intelligence Officer to describe this UFO sighting.

The conclusion on this observation by Project Blue Book was that it was an "unidentified." The case is numbered 3162 in the Blue Book files and the reports, sketch, and investigation files are available publicly at the National Archive and Records Administration in Washington DC, USA.

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