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My findings:

What follows is not the proof of anything else than what is indicated in conclusion. Any other point of strangeness is or will be approached elsewhere, that is, here.

Are there UFOs in the crop circles?

I have heard it a thousand times from each and every crop cirle believers: they say that UFOs (in the sense of alien spaceships or awhatever paranormal stuff they may claim) habve been seen "many times" "in" crop circles.

Recently again - 2006 - one noted ufologist told me and a whole group:

"I suggest that you direct your study towards the inventory and the evaluation of the very numerous sightings of "luminous balls", of which there is an abundance of testimonies, which seem credible, and photographs, in nearly all the books and articles on the topic."

Who hasn't heard that already? Well I read and hear this almost everyday. I'm getting tired of it! So I won't be mellow about this unsupported claim that efficiently helps ruin any credibility for ufology who never had much in the first place.

I answered that I already did that and found not one UFO or "luminous ball" that prove that crop circles are made by aliens or by some of the "paranormal" "things" that some say create crop circles. Of course, "crop circle believers" always assume that I am some sort of ignorant who needs to be educated. Well, folks, try me, and we'll see. I told this ufologist I would publish something about these so-called UFOs or balls of light. Here it is.

Firstly, there is the matter of "inventory". Apparently, this ufologist thinks it is my duty to spend my time writing an "inventory" of UFOs making crop circle for eyeryone to become convinced. But the burden of proof is not mine. I have presented more than enough proof that men do the crop circles. I have already evaluated hundreds of so called "UFO in a crop circle photograph." As it will be clear thought this article, in general, such as catalogue would be a huge waste of time: yes there are hundreds of "UFO in a crop circle" photographs. Really hundreds. The need for a catalogue is not mine, because these are only amateur photographs of things that are absolutely not alien spaceships, expect maybe in the eye of the photographer, in the eye of the "crop circle believer", in the eye of the untrained ufologists and in the eye of so-called "crop circles experts" who have absolutely no clue about what ufology is and are unable to make the distincton between "a UFO sighting report" or "there's a UFO on my picture" and "a UFO case that really has no commonplace explanation."

I shall leave this ufologist the care of creating a full catalogue of the huge quantity of easily explanable "UFO in crop circle" cases, and I shall rather first explain to the reader what are the principal commonplace explanation that reduce such a catalogue of sighting to a useless waste of time.

Needless to say, if anyone should discover a decent "UFO in a crop circle" case, I am all eyes and ears and I will gladly help in checking as thoroughly as possible whether that "UFO in a crop circle" is an alien spaceship, a "ball of light" or anything else, ordinary or not.

Secondly, there is the matter of "credibility". My ufologist colleague said that the very numerous "crop circle UFOs" he says exist "seem credible". Of course, in ufology, something that "seems" credible is not credible. You need to check if it is credible and document exactly why it is credible, not just say there are "very numerous" crop circle UFOs because the seem credible. Of course, here again, my colleague wants to put the burden of proof onto me, and considers that a UFO sighting report is a report of the sighting of an alien spaceship or something out of the ordinary as long as it seems credible.

But as an experience ufologist, there is something I know for long: credibility is rarely the real matter with UFO reports. Most UFO reports do not explain as mundane because the witnesses lied. They explain as mundane because the witnesses could not recognize what the UFO really was. In the showcase that follows, the readers will see this spectacularly illustrated: the crop circle UFOs I evaluated are practically never "lies" or deceptions from dishonest people. They are almost always mundame things that the witnesses were unable to recognize as such. Why? Well, they are not experienced ufologists, obviously!

Enough said for now, let's have a look at a first "UFO in crop circle" claim.

Crop circles UFOs Type I - The so-called "Orbs":

Let's first hear it out from a scientist.

The Scientist and the "Balls of Light" photograph:

Among the crop circles experts, there are almost no scientists. But in this case, yes, the "case" is shown by a bona fide scientist with a PhD. This gentleman wrote a richly illustrated book on crop circles [eh1] and put forth his position that while even the more complex crop circles are done by men, some are not. He says these "genuine" crop circles are made by "balls of light", or "plasma balls, for reasons that are not clear to me," he writes. He has no clue what these "balls of light" are or how "balls of light" can flatten crop in magnificent designs, but nevertheless, this is his theory.

Of course, if crop cirles are made by balls of light, then the balls of lights might have been seen at least occasionally. That's indeed what this scientist claims. This is exactly what he writes in his book:

"It is a fact that luminous anomalies are reported by eyewitnesses since the times when crop circles appeared. A large number of reports, an abundance of photographs and videos proove that the Balls of Light are real."

Isn't this very clear?

The gentlemen is a scientist. So, you would think that he provides the material or references the material that his statement is based on.

Nope. Nothing.

Not one report. Not one place, date, location, name, story, investigation report, book, magazine. Zip. Zero.

Instead, he offers four photographs. In his book, he explains that lots of so-called "Balls of Light" in photographs are not balls of light but merely outfocused flocks of snow, or dust particles, or water droplets. And the caption for three of his photographs is that they are such ordinary stuff. One is a little girl with an outfocused stuff, the other is a picture of snowflakes, the third is an enlargment of one of the others.

But here is where it becomes rather odd. One of the photographs also is such an ordinary stuff. But this photo is above a crop circle, and the caption is "'Plasma balls'" above a crop circle". At least he uses quotes, as in "so-called plasma ball". In any event, here's the "plasma balls on a crop circle":

All serious ufologist know that: this is not an alien spaship, nor a ghost, neither a paranormal phenomena. Nope. This is just the effect that is produced when you take a picture at night using the flash, and when there are small out-of-focus stuff flaoting in the air such as dust particles, water droplets, insects, snowflakes and so on. And the scientist knows that. He does explain it in his book. So why not caption "not a UFO, nothing paranormal" and tell flatly "my book has not one crop circle UFO in it"?

Why did the author not caption this picture "anomalous reflections of flash night photograph on some insects or ordinary objects"? Let's admit that the caption is simple unfortunate and that this scientists knows that it is not ""Balls of Plasma"" but the ordinary photo effect he explained in the book.

Now, remember what this scientist wrote:

"It is a fact that luminous anomalies are reported by eyewitnesses since the times when crop circles appeared. A large number of reports, an abundance of photographs and videos proove that the Balls of Light are real."

Well, as far as his book is concerned, it is not a fact but merely an unsubtanted claim. There is no "abundance of photographs" in his bok, there is ZERO of those in his book. This scientist offers nothing to support this claim! Very scientific indeed, isn't it?

Yet, this is exactly the sort of myths that crop circle believers have been repeated tirelessly for more than 15 years almost word for word. But where is the evidence?


The outfocused stuff floating in the air and taking mystical aspects under night and flash photography have been called "orbs". Most of these "orbs" first appeared on ordinary photographs. Here is one that someone sent me recently.

The "thing" is is some sort of dusty hangar or attic. when the photographer walked though, he must has lifted some dust. Or maybe thre was a spider on its string. after I told him that the photgrapher agreed that the "thing" was not likely paranormal or UFO related after all.

Many similar pictures are taken in the open air and interpreted as UFOs or wandering ghostly "souls" and other paranormalia.

Not only tiny stuff produce this picturesque effect. Here is the same effect on a video tape I received of an alleged alien spaceship in Azerbaidjan that stood motionless for hours in the sky. A star of Venus indeed produce this very same effect of iridescence with video cameras when you overzoom it:

Such images are not just considered as "UFOs" by unexperienced photographers of unexperienced ufologists. They also entered the field of the "paranormal". The one underneath is published an a website devoted to paranormal things and interpreted as a ghostly spirit:

As a matter of fact, these ordinary photographic effects are interpreted by incompetent researchers according to the context. When the orb appears to be in the sky, they say it's an alien spaceship. When the orb is photographed in a cemetery, they say it's a ghost. when the orb is photograph in your kitchen, they say it's a parnormal phenomenon. and of course, when the orb appears on a crop circle photograph, it's a UFO or ball of light or "thing" that makes or visit crop circles.

Of course, these "orbs" are never seen with the naked eye of the photographer, they only appear on the photograph. All experienced ufologist who do not live in isolation and have contact with people heard it: "I don't know what it is. I did not see it when I took the photograph, but when I uploaded the picture on my computer, there it was." We shall see later that not only orbs are like that. Of course, there are a few really nutcase ufologists or experts in the paranormal who think that these are UFOs or ghosts that are invisible to the eye and only appear on photographs. It takes all sorts, I guess...

If you are short-sighted, you can actually see orbs very easily. Lookt at a distant streetlamp or distant airplane lights at night or some windshield reflection, without your glasses. There you are, you see the orbs. And you realize what they all are: out of focus lighted stuff. That's what some "experts" call alien or paranormal!

Now, I'd like to know why I should make an inventory of such things? What for? I have hundreds of such images in my collection already! So what? These things have nothing to do with UFOs, nothing to do with crop circles, even when occasionally they are captured at crop circles sites. Of course when someone shoots an "orb" above a crop circle, there is an "association" made with the crop circle "phenomenon" but this association is totally irrational.

Well, if you really need a catalog of crop cirle orbs, here is one.

All that "orbs" prove is the gullibility of some people and the fantasy world they live in. Here is what one so-called crop circle mystery expert who publishes pictures of orbs in a crop circle wrote:

"Since then, I have had great success photographing orbs, which seem to appear in my photos, whether I am attempting to take them or not. I seem to think that this is one of the effects of the opening of my heart chakra, but there is no way of knowing for sure. But I now feel even more strongly that I was destined to publish Mysteries magazine and feel honored that I was given such a great gift of a simple crop circle."

That will be our "crop circle UFO of the Orb type". Not spaceships, not balls of light, not paranormal phenomena but just a commonplace photographic effect.

Crop circles BLURFOS:

Trained ufologist who do not believe that anything flying around is an alien spaceship have adopted the term BLURFO, coined by James Neff to designate all sorts of little more or less blurry and undefined spots that people found in their photographs and videos.

Let's listen to the introduction on BLURFO by James Neff:

"We have a real problem. Lately, anything that streaks across a digital camera lens or video cam is being hailed as a flying saucer or UFO photo. These blurry, distorted images are not flying saucers, space craft, black ops aerial phenomena, motherships or scout craft. They are, in fact, bugs and birds which are passing quickly by the video camera within the range of focal inability I like to call the BLURFO ZONE. Just about anything zipping through this zone (ie, close to the camera when it is set on infinity focus or zoomed to focus on distant objects) is transformed into blips, blobs, disc-shaped smears and streaks.

James is sooooo right. We do have a problem! Since cheap inexpensive photography with digital cameras dramatically expanded, there is a real BLURFO invasion and serious ufologist who have contact with the public spend quite some time on such pictures that people send them, tyring to politely explain to the photographer that, no, it's not a UFO, it's a fly or a bird etc.

Now, of course, it is only normal that people make this honest mistake. They see a thing on their photograph and wonder about it. Could it be a UFO? They search the web, and they see myriads of amateur "UFO websites" with exactly the same sort of photographs and the claims that they are UFOs! So they think they managed to take a picture of a UFO too...

Just like orbs, these BLURFOS are not seen at the time the photograph is taken. Why? Well for one, they are tiny, that is, they have a very small visual angle. For two, when you take a picture with your camera or shoot a video, you don't look directly at the landscape, you have your eyes on the camera's viewer. In this sutuation, tons of tiny stuff can fly in and out your field of vision, and you don't notice them. You notice them back home when you upload the pictures on the computer or view the video on the computer's display or a TV set. There is is!

If you are a UFO buff with no particular experience in this field, you have seen such pictures on the Internet on low-grade "UFO websites" that claim they are alien spaceships. So there you are, with an alien spaceship picture of your own. Wow. You would then zoom onto it, and using picture viewer software such as "ACDsee" you would not notice that your UFO is merely a few pixels across because these software are using interpolation to render your pixels smoothly when you zoom onto them.

Just recently, a ufologist was intrigued by that. He sent this picture around, taken by some photographer who of course "saw nothing when I took the picture:"

So I asked for the real picture. I didn't want to comment one some probably heavily zoomed group of pixels re-photographed on some computer display, except for to say "that's likely no spaceship and no paranormal stuff, but just one more of those BLURFOs, folk, sigh..." I needed the original digital picture. The ufologist sent it, and that's the "UFO" or phenomenon as it really is on the original picture:

All serious ufologist know about such UFOs. Or should know...

These are not alien spaceship or paranormal stuff. These are:

How can you prove or disprove it? By looking at the picture, very often you can't. So yes, one of those may actually be an alien spaceship. But how will you ever prove it?! Come on, people, there are billions and billions of flies, birds and other stuff in the sky, what are the odds?!

But sometimes, you can actually regognize it. Underneath is one such BLURFO photograph. It was in the news all over the world, with some commenting that it is a "perfect classical saucer"!

But that's just a bird!

One caracteristic feature of BLURFOs is that the photographer "did not see it" with the eyes when the picture or video was shot. That's absolutely normal. When you have the eyes on the camera viewer or display, you don't see small things like insects or birds or distant planes. You discover it only later when you look at the picture on a larger display and zoom in and out.

Here are some BLURFOs from my "your reports" section:

Number: Date of receipt: Date of observation: Country, place: Brief summary of report and link:
FR0069 September 4, 2005 September 3, 2005 France, volcans d'Auvergne BLURFOs on digital photos.
CA0004 August 20, 2005 21 juillet 2005 Canada, Québec, Claude en Gaspésie Blurfo on photo, no eye sighting.
FR0007 May 15, 2005 30 mars 2005 France, Pyrénées Orientales, Château de Salses BLURFO, white blurry thing on photo, not seen visually.
CA0003 April 8, 2005 Fall 2004 Probably Canada, Québec Blurfo. No visual observation..
US0025 June 16, 2005 July 13, 1989 USA, New York City BLURFO.

I get such a picture at least once a week...

Now, the catch is, when a BLURFO is shot near a crop circle, crop circle believers go wild, and you have another of the "very numerous UFOs reported in crop circles." Here is one example [rh1], [rh2].

This one was taken by a lady who visited a crop circle at Roundway Hill, Roundway, Wiltshire, England, on July 26, 1995. The lady "saw nothing", and calls this small blob a "dark oval shaped UFO low on the horizon." Of course, there is no way to argue that it is "low on the horizon"; it could just as well be "a small fly right in front of the camera mistaken for an oval shaped UFO low on the horizon in the distance." What I show here is only a portion of the image. The entire original image is not available anyway. I added an enlargement of the "oval shaped UFO" in the lower right corner.

That will be our "crop circle UFO of the BLURFO type". Not spaceships, not structured craft, not balls of light, not paranormal phenomena but just commonplace stuff on photographs and videos.

Crop circöles intelligent maneuvering lights:

Here's a really weird story of people who were in exploration of a crop circle at night and reported a weird experience with an intelligent manoeuvering light. Sadly, the report as published on a "UFO hunters" website and is barred with copyrights. [uh1] Some researchers are not in favour of the free use of their information. So I will not copy the story but tell you about it and you can check the web page as long as it stays there unmodified.

If you do not find the explanation, you can be very impressed about this case:

It looks just like the "perfect case", doesn't it?

The reporter of the event went to the site of a crop circle in Logan in Cache County, Utah, USA, in 1996, with his girlfriend. He had seen the crop circle in the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper and was pretty excited about it. He arrived a night at 08:00 p.m. and was quite disappointed because the farmer had cut the crop around the circle and it wasn't very visible anymore. It was also very trampled by all the people who has walked all over it.

But then they saw some small lights that were flying about. There were almost 20 of them at one time and they seemed to dance about like a herd. They seemed to be intelligent because when the people were trying to get closer, the lights flew farther away or even turned off. They flew around like dancing but also with jerky movements. They appeared perfectly round, and they were very small but seemed bigger like if they had some halo around when they were far away. The guy thought these were the famous "orbs" or "balls of lights" that are reported "so often" in crops circles. The guy went to get a camera and took a picture of on of these lights, which is also copyrighted - I don't know why, it that in the hope of making money? - so I give you only a hint of what the photograph shows.

Now comes the best part. It so happens that crop circle expert Nancy Talbot of the BLT research team whose other known name is Mr. Levengood who does analyses of crop circle plants, investigated this crop circle and talked with these people.

So you would think that Nancy Talbot explained to them what these mysterious lights were. She did not. she had no idea. The witnesses told that they actually had fun chasing the lights around. But Talbot asked them if they were afraid. Well of course, these mysterious crop circles phenomenon must be very frightening in her mind. The witnesses insisted: no, it was not frightening, it was rather a fun to chase the lights that seemed to toy with them, flying away and coming back again. They liked it. That's it. No investigation, no research, no hypothesis, no comments. Just sitting there waiting for someone to start to think about what the lights were. Another "UFO in crop circle case that seem credible" I guess. A "perfect case".

Do you think it took me long to figure out what the lightes were? Nope. I knew immediately. I've had such cases already. You can see such a case of 1768 reported by Jacques Vallée and whos witness is none other than the famous poet Goether explained on my website.

So what were those lights?

That's what they were:

Don't you know what that is?

It's a firefly.

That will be our "crop circle UFO of the firefly type". Not spaceship, not balls of light, not paranormal phenomena but just a flock of light producing insects!

One more word on this case. When I presented it to the discussion group where people claimed that there are "very numerous crop circle UFOS", all hell broke loose. One guy wrote that I was like "a tick in the testicles". Wow, nice! He wrote that I was a "debunker" and a "disinformation agent". And the famous ufologist who said there are lots of crop circle UFOs but has no time to provide any details said that this case is an "obviously explanable case that has no value and is not UFO in crop circles." He just forgot some of the information: to Nancy Talbot, crop circle expert, as written in the web page, this is "unexplained". Yes, of course it "was easily explainable"... after I gave the explanation!

Crop circles UFO reports:

Now, of course, all "UFO in crop circle" reports are not photographic reports. Sometimes, people would just say they saw UFOs. As everyone should know, not all reported UFOs are alien spaceships. I think some of them are beause all other explanations fail - unless of course you want to claim that alien spaceship visiting the earth are "impossible", then you accept any other explanation even when it is utterly silly.

Most of the stuff that people report as "UFO" has a commonplace explanation. This is why because claiming that a witness report "seems credible" you need not just to check the credibility but to make sure that a decent investigation has ruled out any other explanation. That's what ufology is about! Investigating these reports.

But when there is a report, any report, of some "UFO" seen in, or near, or not so near actually, from a spot or an area where there are crop circles, crop circles believers do no care for an investigation. They simply claim that "UFOs are seen very often in crop circles". If you ask them "what UFO? who? where? when? Where's the investigation report? Are you sure it hasn't a commonplace explanation?" they simply ignore you. Or, they even claim that it's you who should prove that there are alien spaceships flying in crop circles. They even say that you haven't done your research and that you should start doing research instead of claiming there is no evidence. Of course, it's ridiculous. They made no research about it, they wouldn't know how anyway, so they project their own lack of research onto the others.

Here is an example of "Crop circle UFO report". This comes from the "Weird Wiltshire" website, who likely found it in some newspaper and put it online without sources, just indicating it was "first published on August 11, 1993" - but it does not matter actually. The article starts:

UFO adds to circle puzzle

CROP circle watchers are investigating links between a mysterious new crop pattern and Unidentified Flying Objects. The pattern below Cherhill white horse, near Calne, consists of a number of circles, half circles and corridors. It appeared on Saturday night. A Dutch-American team with a camcorder and tripod has been looking at the weird pattern which it believes may be linked to a UFO incident it claims to have filmed earlier the same night near Marlborough.

The enthusiasts are now appealing to local farmers to allow them to leave messages in harvested cornfields or display strings of coloured lights to help them communicate with what they believe to be an alien force.

Police were called to the scene at 7pm on Sunday when hoaxers were reported to be making circles, but the 'criminals' turned out to be a team studying the pictogram.

Now Americans Eric Beckford and Joan DeNeve have set up Operation Magpie at Wessington Park in Calne and are to spend the next week continuing the search for UFOs.

So, "again" we have one of these "very numerous UFO in crop circle" reports.

But let's read on.

Flying officer Simon Cree, of RAF Lyneham, says an exercise just drawing to a close over Salisbury Plain might explain the phenomenon. "It involved a lot of Hercules flying at night and making light configurations," he says.

You see? Crop circle "experts" believers go wild for some lights in the sky, they want to "communicate with the aliens", but actually, they would not even check for military manoeuvers.

That's how it really works: if anything is seen around crop circles, believers say it's a UFO. They make no ufology investigation, they'd rather try to "communicate with the aliens". and with such silly stories, other believers get convinced that "numerous UFOs were seen in crop circles."

Every summer since decades, there are crop circles done in Wilthsire, U-K.

Every time a UFO is reported there, not matter whether it is really a plane, an helicopter, tractor lights or an alien spaceship, some people would automatically link that UFO with the crop circles there. Nonsense!

That will be our "crop circle UFO of the not verified type". Not spaceship, not balls of light, not paranormal phenomena but just a UFO report without investigation.

Crop circles beams of light:

This is another fine example of how crop circle "experts" are unable to recognize the ordinary. This picture is captioned "beams of light filmed prior to crop circle at same site. One beam was witnessed by local resident".

Of yourse, there is no date, no place, no witness interview, nothing. even the shown image is a disaster: it was converted to a 16 colors GIF image!

What it really is should not escape any sensible person. These are no "beams of light" and they are not creating any crop circles. When the sun shines through holes in the cloud cover, it produces such beams of light, that's all!

But crop circles "experts" Fred Silva and Lucy Pringle do not see it that way. They produce the image on a web page of "evidence" that crop circles are not all made by men...

If you need examples of sunlight effects and other weather phenomena such as lightning called "alien spaceship" by so-called "experts", check my page about a crop circle "documentary" in which none other than the famous Steven Greer of Disclosure Project fame is telling all-ears crop circle expert Colin Andrews about such sightings he just had in an English crop circle field with his friends. And in that page I show the other so-called balls of light phenomena in that page too, such as the hilarious footage by Colin Andrews of something just like a reflection on a car's windshield or a bicycle in a distant path.

That will be our "crop circle UFO of the totally non-UFO ordinary type". Not spaceship, not balls of light, not paranormal phenomena, not beams of lights related to crop circles but just ordinary beams of sunlight without any relation to crop circles.

Crop circles UFOs without crop circle:

That is the easiest to recognize type.

A number of crackpot ufologist try to play that old trick to their audience: they talk of UFO reports that have absolutely no connection with crop circles and call that "crop circle and UFOs."

One of them is scheduled to give a conference in Paris soon telling just that kind of crap. There was a UFO landing report case in France in Trans-en-Provence, a very famous affair. At the place where the reported UFO landed, there was a circular trace in the soil. Then you get ufologists claiming that this is crop circle realted just because it's a circle. As they have no idea what a crop circle actually is, they never define it. So anything circular becomes "a crop circle", even if it's not in the crop, even if it is actually a round mark apparently caused by a mechanical force of a FO that landed, they link it to crop cirles. Why? Because that affair is well known and not very well debunked by the skeptics (they say the witness lied about seeing a UFO and the trace was done by wheels and the alteration found in the plants there by laboratories are non-existent or unsignificant or biaised or even hoaxed by the lab head, says one ufologist.)

My ufologist crop circle believer colleague told that "crop circles UFOS" are all over books and magazines. Correct, except that a) they are "UFOs" that are not related to crop circles, b) they may be UFOs to the authors but they are not unexplained to ufologists.

One example is in the German book "Das Geheiminis der Kornkreise" (the secret of the crop circles) [gk1] by Werner Anderhub and Hans Peter Roth, AT Verlag, 2000. These authors say that they have no intention of claiming who makes the crop circles; however, on page 117, they produce a UFO photograph. They say it might be a "technological phenomenon of the nature." But that UFO picture is simply one of the UFO picture by one Carlos Diaz, and a) most ufologists say it is a hoax [cd1] and b) there is absolutely no connection between the images by Carlos Diaz and the crop circle phenomenon.

Why does this happen?

Well, the books and the magazines are not always writtent by knoledgeable people. Very often, crop circle books are written by journalists, or crop circle experts, and in one case even crop circle researcher who is a real scientist. But these people are not ufologists, they have zero experience when it comes to UFO and they make the same mistakes about UFOs as the guy next door, or should I say, the guy next door that has beliefs and does not check his beliefs.

Crop circles UFOs are just "unidentified" as long as there is no investigation:

Crop circle believers often confuse a UFO report and alien spaceships and paranormal phenomena. They do not understand that a UFO report is only a report of something that the witness might have misidentified, and that it can only be labeled alien or "paranormal" or "ball of light" if a serious and valid investigation by knowledgeable and honest ufologists has ruled out all the mundane causes that are known to be the source of most UFO reports.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of common objects or phenomena that can be mistaken for "UFO in crop circles". When you hear the claim that "very numerous UFOs were seen or photographed in crop circles", remember the above examples, and also, ask for the INVESTIGATION REPORT for the ones that your claimant thinks are the best ones.

If there is NONE, you can just forget about it. It was just a claim with no substance! Typically the claimant will find some excuses for not providing anything to support his claims, he would for example say that he dislikes your tone, or that you should know if you were informed, or that he has no time now but will provided later, or that crop circles books are full of those and you should buy some, or that you are closed minded and not worthy of discussing with and that he does not want to "start a polemic" etc., up to insults and accusing you of being a "disinformation agent"!

If the claimant provides something, first check that there is an INVESTIGATION REPORT. If there is (you'll find out if you ask), you can use this list and check if all those potential UFO report causes have been really ruled out as cause for the "crop circle UFO".

And of course there is more.

References of cited material:

Reactions an frequently asked questions related to crop circles UFOs:

"So you are saying that UFOs are not alien."

No. I am saying that most UFO reports are not alien spaceships but some have no other explanation than that one.

"So you are saying that there is no connection between UFOs and crop circles."

I am saying that nobody has been able to provide any convincing evidence that UFOs have anything to do with crop circles.

I am also saying that I have never seen any convincing evidence that a crop circle was not made by people.

"You have not proved that crop circle are all made by people."

I have not proven that. I have merely been looking for years for evidence that not all crop circles are made by men.

Instead of finding any evidence that any crop circle is not made by men, I have understood how to make them, and heard and seen people who do them, and found out that the so called "strangeness" characteristics of crop circles are no strangeness, and solved some of it myself. This is partly already published in my website, and the rest is to follow soon. This page is a part of it.

If any convincing evidence that a crop circle was not made by people appears, I'll be the first to let you know, and I welcome all such evidence you might provide.

"You are a disinformation agent of the CIA (or something like that)."

Yeah right. Listen to my recorded confession here.

"Why do you waste your time with this nonsense?"

It's my time and I do what I want. Some play football, some collect stamps, some watch TV etc. I do stuff like that also. Too bad if you have a problem with what I do, but fortunately I live in a free country and you can't do much about it.

"You are not a famous ufologist, therefore you are wrong. Famous ufologists disagree with your opinions."

No, they rarely disagree with my opinions.

I don't care about being famous. I don't parade in UFO conventions, I don't lecture, I don't write books, I don't want to make money with UFOs. I'm happy and famous enough for my needs, and when I want to get some screaming fans I can do some rock music. If you think that being famous makes someone right, you should think again.

"You need to visit crop circles to realize that they are not made by people."

Been there, done that.

"You are only presenting your side."

Not true. Visit the website, you'll see.

"Crop circles and UFOs have nothing to do together."

Yes, that's what I found out.

"There is plenty of evidence that UFOs are related to crop circles."

Send me your evidence or references thereof, I'll look into it.

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This page was last updated on July 23, 2006.