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Crop Circles:

The hidden paths in crop circles:

Hidden paths: what it this about?

When people make a crop circle, depending on the geometry of the formation they trace, depending on the configuration of the location, the presence of tramlines, depending on the sequential logic of construction of the formation, it can occur that one of the creators of the crop circle must at a certain moment walk into the still standing plants to go to a certain spot to be used to trace the crop circle.

On a certain portion of the field, he walks into the standing plants, and by walking, he flattens these plants. This constitutes a path, a thin line of plants flattened in the direction of the walk.

This trace would obviously betray that he walked there. And this is not something the people who make crop circle want.

However, such paths are generally not seen, because where this passage was, the plants are thereafter flattened with stomping boards, chains, bars, garden rollers, depending of the chosen technique, and then, this initial trace of human presence is hidden underneath the flattened plants.

It is then a hidden path.

The sketch below gives an example of a formation showing where such hidden traces would logically be located:

The green line [A] on the left represents a tramline. The creators of the crop circle enter the field by this tramline. As the plants are already crushed by farming vehicles there, their passage is not visible.

At a certain moment, one of the creators of the crop circle must all the same walk into the field. In the case shown here, he leaves the tramline to go at a spot that will be used as center fro the round that will later be flattened. It is the red line [T1].

This line will become a hidden trace. Once arrived at the center, the creator of the crop circle, equipped with a rope, stands there. Another chap remained in the tramline holding the other end of the rope. He would move in the tramline until the rope is tense, then he would trace a circle by turning around the center, tense rope in hand, and flattening the plants with the feet.

Once this circle is made, all there is to do is to flatten the plants inside the circle, by using for example the extremely effective and well-known "stomping board".

When this is done, the trace [T1] is then hidden. By looking at the flattened plants of the round, you do not see it any more. The flattened plants of the round cover this initial trace.

"Crop circles mysteries" promoters won't tell you, but now, you know: if you explore this crop circle, you will be able, by thinking at the logic of construction, to predict, where hidden traces are likely to be found. At these places, you can lift the plants and uncover these hidden traces.

On my example, there is a smaller round.

In the logic of this construction, once the large round is traced, one of creators of the formation undertakes to trace other rounds. For this second round, here, there is no tramline to walk in without leaving a trace. He would thus jumps over the plants [B], and will walk to a spot which will be the center of the second round. After his jump, he has to walk a little, and that will lead to a second hidden path [T2].

Hidden path: questions and answers.

Are there inevitably hidden traces in all the crop circles?


For example, if the crop circle is "centered" on a tramline, and if it has a certain configuration, a certain geometry, it might have no hidden path. such is the crop circle below:

As can be seen here, the totality of the formation is made with a tramline as central axis. In this case, there is absolutely no reason for the creators to walk out of the tramline in unflattened plants to go to some place. They can very well trace all the formation without ever betraying it by such a hidden path.

Another example relates to the crop circles done by the inventors of the crop circle "phenomenon", Doug Bower and Dave Chorley.

The two men used a long and heavy safety bar that closed the door of Doug Bower's painter workshop. They held the bar with the hands, and progressed on their knees. They pushed the bar, it flattened the crop.

In their case, with the bar used to determine the ray of the circle, no rope used, no need for walking into standing plants outside a tramline, they did not leave any hidden path. Thus, in the Bower and Chorley's crop circles, from 1978 to 1991, there was no hidden path. The discovery of hidden paths came after 1991, when other crop circles makers started out more complex formations, not just simple rounds to make believe that some round flying saucers landed, but artistic designs with more and more complexity.

Thus, if no hdden path is found in a crop circle, this is not enough to claim that it was made by aliens or paranormal energies or whatever of the sort.

What is important about these hidden paths?

When the "crop circles experts" visit crop circles, if they do not want to consider people made them, they tell you that there was no trace of people walking in there.

But actually, the passages of humans is not inevitably visible, and when they are, these "experts" will quickly argue that tourists and the curious did it, that somebody must have been visiting the formation before them, and that these traces of human passages "prove nothing" since it is not known whether they were made by people making the crop circles or by people who visited them once that they were made.

But with the hidden paths, this kind of ad hoc reasoning collapses.

The hidden paths are under the flattened plants of the crop circle. They cannot be made by people walking in the crop circle after its "appearance". In fact traces were made before the flatening, and their very localization corresponds to the logic of human design.

For the " experts " who want to convince you that crop circles are made by aliens or whatever mysterious cause, hidden paths are obviously very embarrassing.

so, because it is embarrassing, they will simply never tell you about that.

You can read all the books and articles by proponents of the "crop circles mystery", browse their websites, you will see for yourself: nothing is said about the hidden paths!

If they told about it, the serious ufologists and serious investigators would understand that it is the kind of things to look for when they check out a crop circle. And the "experts" prefer that it doesn't happen.

But then, this hidden path business, that's all new?

Not at all.

In reality, many investigators, in the world of the ufology as well as in "skeptic" groups, already explained all that. Since 1991, two scientists, Dr. Robin Allen and Martin Hempstead, from the University of Southampton, had explained all that. But as they were the members of a skeptic group, the "Wessex Skeptics", which sought possible simple explanations to all kind of mysteries, and as obviously they did not agree with the "experts" who wanted to promote the crop circles as alien or paranormal, they were purely and simply ignored. The so-called "expert" quite simply and very systematically hide everything that bothers them!

In France, the crop circles mystery was put ahead in the ufological world especially by UFO books author Jean Sider. He used to write articles for example in the ufology magazine Lumières dans la Nuit to put forth that the crop circles are created by mysterious "forces", "fluidic energies", who "spiral" etc. He confronted ufologists: "Don't you realize that we now have clear evidence in great number of the presence of higher intelligences on Earth? Why don't you go to England, where they are to be found, to study this evidence?"

The French ufological speech on crop circle at that time was indeed of the "armchair research" kind, i.e., speculations of all sorts about the "origin" of crop circles, but hardly more than that. A small group of ufologists then heard Sider. They went in England in the summer four years of continuation, to check out this new kind of evidence of alien activity for the ones, to check if it is really evidence for the others. The group called itself VECA, and little by little, discovered all kinds of facts on the crop circles that the French ufologists had been unaware of. One of the things discovered by VECA was that there was a "logic of construction", of human construction: tramlines to enter the fields without leaving too many traces, a flatening of the crop in a logical order, in a logical direction, sequential, perfectly expected for human creations and all the same a little odd for allegedly extraterrestrial creations. They met the "Wessex Skeptics", but also with the proponent "experts", and ended up realizing that one could rather easily understand the logic of construction, predict the locations of the hidden paths, look for it, and find it there!

Needless to say: none the keen French proponent of the extraterrestrial or paranormal origin of crop circles wanted to hear anything... They are "debunkers", that "shoddy research" , it "does not prove anything", were the usual and rare reactions, the majority of the proponents not knowing anything about VECA's findings. I noted it innumerable times: French ufologist is completely uninformed as regards crop circles, people simply believe what they are told by the British "experts", all the inventions and lies of "experts" that are completely discredited since decades in England. French ufologists generally do not know the history, the protagonists, the evidence and counter-evidence, the research, the experiments on the matter.

But crop circles also show...

Yes, there is plenty of other things to discuss about the crop circles. Loads of alleged "evidence"... Here, I only wanted to explain the hidden trace, nothing more. That does not mean that it is all that I have to say, it is not a page designed to explain all the subject of the crop circles!

If you want to learn more, look here now.

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