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Crop circles:

There are circles of bent down plants that are claimed to appear "mysteriously" in fields mostly at night. Crop circles do not always take circular shapes, but make up conglomerations of circles, hemispheres, lines, and many other shapes, recently evolving in very complex and highly symbolic pictures. Currently, nobody agrees as to their origins; the explanations range from hoaxes to aliens to other supernatural forces such as radiation or even ghosts.

FATE Magazine article:

Source: FATE Magazine
Article and photos by: Ron Russell
© September 1998

Crop Circles: Messages from Beyond?

In the summer of 1992, a colleague and I were driving to Alton Barnes in the southeast of England. The area is known for the number and quality of crop circles that turn up there, and I was hoping to see my first one. Little did I know what a powerful impact they would have on me.

Quite suddenly, we saw a giant snail-shaped formation in the fields on the east side of the road. We were not the first to discover it. In fact, scientists were measuring it, artists were drawing it, and others were simply experiencing it. We stopped and paid the farmer an admission fee of 50p (around 85 cents). When we went in, I was overcome with awe. The formation was beautiful, but more than that, I felt gently bombarded by unusual energies. In later crop circle visits, the energy felt transformational. It seemed to spin and realign me spiritually.

Ancient Images:

Considerable evidence shows that crop circles have been known throughout Earth's history. The Dead Sea Scrolls' Book of Noah and several works of medieval literature mention them. Many ancient stone carvings, including one at Stonehenge, seem remarkably similar to the shapes in the fields.

Crop circles appear all over the world. About 10,000 instances from various countries have been reported in the last 20 years, but the most aesthetically advanced ones are in the Wessex area of southern England.

Placed carefully in our fields of food grains, some are larger than football fields and exceedingly complex in design and construction. Others are smaller and more primitive. We call them crop circles, but many of them are not circular. Some are elongated abstract designs, a few resemble insects or other known forms, and some are agglomerations of lines, circles, and other shapes melded into intricate patterns. Most become visible overnight, though it has been claimed that a few have appeared within a half-hour in broad daylight.

Although people have asserted that they have created crop circles, it is difficult for me to see how any ordinary person or group could create these wondrous Earth designs in the short time it takes them to appear and without leaving traces of their construction.

Researchers have spent a great deal of time investigating different aspects of crop circles. They try to detect traces of human involvement in the circle-making, test the area of the circle itself for geophysical anomalies, and analyze the field's grain both from within and outside the circles, searching for differences.

Dr. W. C. Levengood of BLT Research, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has analyzed many grain samples and has confirmed, time after time, that significant changes have occurred at the cellular level of crop circle plants. The plants from the circles have elongated cells and blown-out growth nodes. Seeds from the circle plants often show accelerated growth rates when they are sewn, and in some instances, quite different-looking plants result. In many instances it appears that a vortex-like energy causes the plants to swirl down, flattening the design into the land. Whatever this energy is, it does not generally inhibit the plants' growth. They continue to show normal phototropic response to the sun, raising upward over several days following the appearance of the circle.

Dowsers have no difficulty finding complex arrangements of energy lines in and around the circles. I have been amazed to see the rods swing abruptly and consistently when I dowsed near the edges and centers of a formation. I have seen pendulums fly out of the hands of friends who tried to read an energy signature in the centers.

Michael Chorost of Duke University found occasions of short-lived radionucleides in the top layer of soil in some of the formations. A British government laboratory found diminished nitrogen and decreased nematode populations as well as decreased water content in the soil of a formation. Researchers have discovered other anomalies, as well, such as curious embedded magnetic particles and charred bract tissue.

Reliable eyewitnesses have reported seeing anomalous lights and hearing unidentifiable sounds while on an early-morning walk in the countryside where a crop circle shows later that day. On several occasions a strange glow or a darker differentiation has been seen in the sky over a crop circle. And in more than one instance, the electrical power of small planes flying overhead has abruptly been cut off, an alarming event I myself have experienced!

The physical and chemical anomalies clearly show that crop circles are abnormal formations, but perhaps more convincing than any other evidence is the effect they have on people who see encounter them. Lucy Pringle of the Center for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS) in England has gathered a wealth of human physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences in her study of more than 500 cases of extraordinary occurrences while in, or after being in, a circle. These have included sudden illnesses, healings, transcendental spiritual and mental states, momentary loss of consciousness, psychic and transformative emotional events, and other strange enchantments.

While the causal energies do not seem to harm animals, or even insects as far as we can tell, wild creatures tend to avoid the circles. I have seen flocks of birds split apart and fly around the perimeter rather than go directly over a formation.

Spiritual Machines:

What could possibly be the purpose of these amazing Earth works? They are unquestionably a beautiful art that can charm us into a new way of seeing. Perhaps that is their purpose, although I do not feel it is that simple. Crop circles are transformative to those who touch them. But even those who never see or touch a crop circle may be affected by them. Farmers harvest the grain from crop circles along with the rest of the grain in their fields. Can this special grain, some of which we know has been altered cellularly, fail to affect us when we eat it in our bread or cereal?

I suggest that crop circles may be a covert engineering feat of the highest order that will move us gently toward the next step of our evolution. They are a kind of cultural medication that may be designed to help us avoid the more radical surgery of catastrophic changes which so many seers predict as we near the end of this millennium.

We have seen lovely balls of light, like fairy spirits, in the fields near the circles, little silver discs flying over the crop, bigger UFOs in the sky nearby, and felt the presence of something ineffably large and wise watching us. Year after year, more great formations appear, hundreds and hundreds all over the world. This is such an obvious contact. Is it not likely that someone is telling us something?

Like toys on a carpet scattered by wise parents, the circles ask us to awaken and study them and ourselves. Who would give us such profound gifts but great beings who know we need to be reminded of our true home and our true nature in the Spirit?

See more of Ron Russell's crop circle photos in the 1998 issue of FATE.

Ron Russell is the Colorado and Midwest USA coordinator of the Center for Crop Circle Studies and the author and photographer of FATE's 1999 Crop Circle Calendar (Llewellyn). He leads annual crop circle tours to England and can be reached at Research Tours to the Circles:

Ron Russell
PO Box 40307
Denver CO 80204.

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Note: See my findings on crop circles, for a very different look at the matter.

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