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UFO conferences, meetings and forums, 2002:

Some news and annoucements of UFO conferences and public forums.

Electronic UFO petition to the UN secretary general:

Date: Friday, 22 Mar 2002 10:10:00 -0500
From: John Velez
Subject: UFO Petition To UN Secretary General

An international, multilingual petition requesting a United Nations investigation and disclosure of UFO information by member nations, is at:

The petition will be delivered to the Office of The Secretary General of The United Nations in March of 2003.

The goal is to increase the number of nations - Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France and Spain - who have either declassified and released their UFO files, or co-operated with civilians and openly reported UFO encounters to the media.

A compilation of world-wide UFO-footage will be submitted with the petition.

Please read and digitally sign the petition, then spread the word.

The success of this effort is at your finger-tips. The following individuals donated their time and energy to the project:

Alexz Adams
Dave Bauer
Gildas Bourdais
Andrew & Shanna Brough
Erol Erkmen
Richard Hall
Luis R. Gonzalez
Errol Bruce-Knapp
Alfred Lehmberg
Jori X. Mckie
Giles Milot
Eduardo Russo
Judy Simmons & Michael Gantt
Boris Shurinov
Thiago L. Ticchetti
Frits Westra
Mike Woods

Please Distribute Far & Wide

For further information contact: John Velez

Note from the author of this site: given the reputation of the initiators, I demand that you do sign the petition. Please. Thanks.

Double DVD "ULTIMATE UFO!" to be released:

Central Park Media Corporation announces the release of the "Ultimate UFO!" DVD throught the web site, presented as "the most ambitious UFO DVD-ROM set ever produced." The double DVD package will include "the most comprehensive collection of UFO footage ever" with clips spanning almost 50 years. The footage totals more than five and a half hours of viewing and was shot in 26 countries, and in outer space, courtesy of NASA. The clips may be viewed with an accompanying music soundtrack, or with running commentary by two distinguished UFO researchers - Peter Robbins, co-author of the best-selling book, Left at East Gate, and Editor-In-Chief of, and noted UFO historian and researcher J. Antonio Huneeus, co-author of the UFO Briefing Document - The Best Available Evidence, and International Coordinator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

In summary, Ultimate UFO! will include: an in-depth audio commentary by two respected ufologists, links to six UFO-related websites, Interactive menus, Chapter Stops, "The UFO Experience" video series trailer, a DVD-ROM containing over 250 pages of officially released FOIA US government documents and more than 50 pages from the now legendary MJ-12 papers - the most controversial documents in the history of UFO studies, regarded as hoaxed by many.

If you have any questions pertaining to this DVD, please feel free to call "Ultimate UFO!" coordinator Peter Robbins at 800-833-7456 x. 261.

France Culture, March 19, 03:00pm:

The French state radio "France Culture" will broadcast "The France of extraterrestrial and UFOS, between dream and object of science" on March 19, 2002 from 03:00pm to 05:30pm. A documentary will be diffused including speaker Michael Lecompte and possibly Mrs Fouéré. The announced guests are: Jean Luc Rivera, Gildas Bourdais, Pierre Lagrange, Jean Jacques Vélasco, Bertrand Meheust, Marie Thérèse de Brosse.

Belgium TV announces UFO debate:

La chaîne de TV Belge RTBF projette une émission sur les OVNIS le 4 mars prochain dans le cadre de son émission régulière "Ecran Témoin".

Le titre en est: "Les petits hommes verts existent-ils?"

L'émission serait constituée d'un flim sur lequel aucune précision n'est encore donnée, suivi d'un débat. La chaine recherche des témoins qui aimeraient participer à l'émission, des inscriptions sont possibles sur

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